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Wanadoo Wi-Fi

Posted by dzj744 - Created: 13 years ago
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We have Wanadoo extense 512K and have recently bought the wi-fi add-on. It works fine on the PC which is connected directly to the modem. Then we connect the laptop using their adapter, and it connects, but then after a couple minutes it cuts off.

I have a wi-fi card in my laptop already and have had no trouble connecting to other wi-fis around the world. Does anyone know how I can connect using my internal wi-fi card and not the one wanadoo provides you with?

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 13 years ago

Hi Jens,

Well I admit that it is not very straightforward but I have managed to configure other 802.11 cards to communicate to the Wanadoo supplied router (manufactured by Inventel).  It is a tricky little procedure so very dependent on your Windows version and your own card management utility.  To tell you more, I'd need to have your PC/laptop in my hands as each utility is subtly different.

That being said, the Wanadoo offer is pretty good value in my opinion.  I've installed a few now for friends and I always take my Netgear 834G WiFI router along as a reference just in case.  In most cases I found the Wanadoo supplied Inventel box gives just as good coverage as the Netgear.

For 99 Euros INCLUDING one wireless dongle/adapter -the Wanadoo offer is great for the casual home WiFi user.  For more intensive use and for serving multiple PCs I agree requires a slightly more robust solution and I'd certainly agree with you about the quality of Netgear in that case.

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Posted by Jens_scott - 13 years ago

I have never got a non wanadoo card to connect to the wanadoo adsl modem. If someone have managed to do that could you please let me know how you did that ?`

I think that the Cheap crappy Wanadoo Wi/fi is A ripoff....... Buy "proper" wireless like D-Link or Netgear.


But as I said I am curious if someone managed to solve this problem.



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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 13 years ago

There are 2 main issues with getting WiFi adapters/cards to work reliably with the WiFi access point (router)

Encryption.  The WiFi base units sold by Wanadoo have built in encryption which is quite easy to set up for their own adapter sold with the kit but less easy for other adapters that you might already have on your computer.The adapter management software.  This varies by manufacurer and also by version of Windows.  Some are remarkably transparent and built right into Windows XP, some have additional software that lurks in the toolbar and resemble a NASA mission control centre.  This issue also interacts with issue #1.

You need to specify what exact version of Windows you have and also what make of WiFi card you have already installed in your computer.  Then we may be able to list the exact steps to follow to set correct encryption between your card and your Wanadoo WiFi router. 

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Posted by jivebaby-189615 - 13 years ago

Problem with many telco givaways is that they are cheap. Quite a few of the ADSL routers suffer when upgrading firmware - so often the case if it it works, dont fix it.

Are you connecting the laptop to the ADSL service via a router/LAN using the Wi-Fi card? If you laptop as you have said has internal Wi-Fi built in, its software SHOULD guide you through on a step by step basis during set-up.Try disabling this hardware, reboot and then enable - failing this use control panel ,remove software to run it,reboot and then re=install.

This worked for me, but I have the USR wireless gatway/router package which is really fast and very easy to configure and use.