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Web designer

Posted by haiku-909540 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Lisafinnegan100-204413 - 4 years ago

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Unfortunately, we just spent all our funds delivering books, school supplies, clothes and toys to Togo and Ghana and buying items from women we support there to sell here.

We were hoping to find someone who would be kind enough to donate their time to build a simple website for us. We tried ourselves (http://www.taaluma.net) but as you can see we are not very good at it. You can learn more about our organization on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Taalumawomen

Here's what we need: A simple site that allows us to post the latest news, provide some information about our programs, allow people to donate and allow us to sell the goods we purchase from the women of Ghana and Togo.

Can anyone help? We are a certified nonprofit here so the work you do for us may be tax deductible (although I'm not sure about that).


Lisa & Su


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Posted by Crossfamily-289915 - 4 years ago

Also try www.squarespace.com I have friends that have used them in the past, super easy and cheap.

They have many templates to use, offer hosting at very cheap rates 24/7 support.

If you cannot do the ad in's yourself maybe place a ad on here for a University student to assist you at a cheap rate, but its not hard to do at all.

I don't think you will get cheaper than this.

Good Luck... :)

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Posted by haiku-909540 - 4 years ago

Thanks for your feedback sunywithachance, we will certainly look into it.





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Posted by sunnywithachance - 4 years ago

Check out elance.com or similar sites which have many MANY freelancers from around the world who list their work, qualifications, prices and best of all the people who engage them write reviews. The type of work you require doesn't mean they need to be physically in France so you can benefit from non-French rates.