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Wedding Help!

Posted by julie fairchild - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by weddinghelpplease - 16 years ago

Hi English Girl,I am getting married in St Tropez and will need eiher musician,Choir or singer for the blessing.Would they be prepared to travel and are they available.If so,would my partner and I be able to see them singing anywhere and meet up too discuss the possibility.On that note do they speak English.thank you for your helpWeddinghelpplease.

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Posted by leb-191238 - 16 years ago

Thats what I should have said at mine!!

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Posted by English_girl - 16 years ago

Hello there

I know a small female choir which sings for weddings.

They have a varied repertoire and will of course sing your choice of repertoire too.

If you are interested, call 06 17 24 09 09.

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Posted by weddinghelpplease - 16 years ago

Dear Angela,

I live in London but am getting marriesd in St tropez on the 17th of sep 2004.I am desperately looking for hair and make up and beauty for me and the bridal party.Can you help and also what is your speciality.

Kind Regards


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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

See the English-speaking limousine rental companies listed on AngloINFO:


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Posted by Seeker-184579 - 16 years ago

Hello B,

There are quite a few limousine services on the Riviera, judging by the yellow pages.  Have a look at this one, for example: http://www.frenchrivieracar.com/index.html , see under 'demonstration' and then 'mariages'.

I've also see some rather fine examples of Citroën C15 being used for the purpose around here (you know, the one with footplates that you see in war films).

Good luck and best wishes to the happy couple.

Seeker J

P.S. Let us know how you get on (with finding the car, I mean!)

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Posted by Bakersville - 16 years ago

Hello all,Unless I find a fantastic wedding car for my wedding, I will doubling my betrothed on my bicycle. Does anyone out there know where I could find a wedding car in the region?Any help appreciated.CheersBakersville

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Posted by Runaway-182887 - 17 years ago

Bunch of cynics........ there's nothing wrong with marriage Julie - I've had two - enjoyed the 1st so much (not) decided to do it again - learned my flaming lesson this time though - don't think I'll bother with number 3, and anyway, I hate fruit cake!!

Seriously though, I hope that you find the help that you need - wedding stationery used to be one of my specialities in my last job so if you need advice on wedding etiquette or wording on the invitations email me :0)


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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 17 years ago

I note that Julie hasn't yet specified what wedding help she wants ! (Unless it's by private e-mail , in which case her wishes should be respected ! )stgeorge

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Posted by juniper-184191 - 17 years ago


Me as well !!

Julie don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!