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Where can I find small green chillies...

Posted by Sands-186811 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Dagobert-213830 - 13 years ago

I remembered the question from a while back, used the great anglo info indexafter I just found them on sale at EDS for 1 Euro for a rather big box, maybe 1/4 pounds or 20 or 30 good sized chillies...They are probably a seasonal item, so I made some great Chillie Rellano today, which, in case you forgot your Mexican recipies, is basically a fried [usually green] chillie with a big glob of melted cheese on top. Raclette works just fine! Normally those chillies would be too hot to eat, but fried with melted cheese and creame freashe [if you really wanna get fat] they are a great breakfast.Dagdagobert@dbzmail.com

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Posted by Sands-186811 - 17 years ago

Thanks for all your help on this, off now to investigate!!!

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Posted by venkym - 17 years ago

For Green Chillies, the hot variety, the best place, in Antibes, is Asie Marche, on Bvd. Wilson, near the centre of Antibes.Their coriander is quite fresh as well. Incidentally, while talking of Carrefour, it is not exactly the best place to buy fresh vegetables. We find ED (on route de Grasse) with better prices and better quality (more fresh) as well.Good luck

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 17 years ago

well - looks like you got some good pointers already.   I asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago about Indian spices and got some good pointers too - see here if other spices are of interest to you.

Some other tips I picked up in buying exotic food in France;

the very small chillies you seek are always in Carrefour (at least Antibes branch) - on the Antilles fresh produce stand. The young guy there is ever so helpful with choice of exotic veges and recipe suggestions.  Ask him to reserve fresh okra for you before the restauranteurs scoop up the whole lot on Fridays.  If you talk to him nicely he'll let you sample mangoes, tamarinds, guava, tamarellos and plenty of other exotic stuff I don't have a name for.Never buy fresh coriander in Carrefour.  First: it is not too fresh, and second: it is about 10 times the price that you would pay at a North African market shop.Coconut milk is in Carrefour in 2 places.  The stuff on the Antilles stand is 5 times as expensive as the other brand in the aisle marked "cuisine du monde"

Bon appetit!

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Posted by steph75-182837 - 17 years ago

Hello ! You can find small red or green thai chillis at the Philippines Store in Cannes, just further up from the train station after Marche Gambetta.

23 Rue Jean Jaures

tel: 04 93 39 15 74

Although owned by Filipinos, it sells most oriental goods, fresh chinese veg every Thurs , spices and groceries.

Not as big as the chinese supermarket behind Nice train station but if you are based in Cannes this is ideal.

Best regards


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Posted by Cabbie-182008 - 17 years ago

Try the Asian supermarkets in Nice, PromoAsie on rue Miollet and Mondial Marche on the Felix Faure side of the Acropolis. Also, many of the small, north african run shops in Nice old town will probably sell them. If you're happy with small green chillies in vinegar, these can be found in most supermarkets.

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Posted by sheila bardon - 17 years ago

I've managed to find them in supermarkets ONLY at the time for them ie vegies here are seasonal, best get some seeds and grow your own if you need them all year roundsheila