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Where can I get Printed T Shirts done

Posted by Zulu-) - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by EnglishHandyman - 5 years ago

A good question indeed. I have tried some local places and they are just so expensive to have them done here,, I have been using Vistaprint and I have to say they are good, you can upload a design to them and for a simple t shirt great... I then found another company, steetshirts in the UK. On paper they looked fantastic, they even have a good tshirt programme. However, I have made 3 orders and yet to receive one !!!! Now I dont call this a quick or good service , when they say orders received before 2pm are received the next day !!!!

Does anyone have any good experiences from them, such a shame it doesnt work !!


11/04/13 07:31 AM Order Placed Order placed online at www.streetshirts.co.uk 11/04/13 07:32 AM Order paid Order paid for by Paypal. 02/05/13 04:37 PM Email Email sent advising of delay


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Posted by Zulu-) - 5 years ago

Still looking. I went to Sermed Impressions. I have to say a nice chap, and they have an impressive set up.. Such a shame when he gave me a price for simple printed TShirts !! I found them to be expensive, I wanted to give my buisness to a local fiirm but I can get them madein the Uk and shipped here for less than half the price.

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Posted by Chezazur - 5 years ago

hi,  there is an excellent t shirt printing shop in rue de la Prefecture Nice opposite Pasta Basta, have used them many times, good quality and prices.

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Posted by Civsmurf - 5 years ago



Tél : 04 92 92 96 52  - Fax : 04 92 92 11 09

Site Web : www.sermed-impressions.com Email : sermed@wanadoo.fr

They did a decent priced, decent quality job for our company clothes.

Hope this helps,

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Posted by Zulu-) - 5 years ago

Thankyou to those who tried to help.I have yet to try Charlies suggestion but I just dont have the time to go to Nice .



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Posted by Zulu-) - 5 years ago

Well I think the best way is to order from the UK or even Vistaprint. I have tried a company here and  I was shocked at the price, I can order 100 tshirts done in the UK for the price of 25 here. I would like to give my buisness locally but as usual it outprices itself and the quality falls short.

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Posted by Charlie670 - 5 years ago

You are talking about gocean (rue de paris) or something similarto be honest with you l have worked with them but the quality wasn't very good...

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Posted by flowing - 5 years ago

try gocean, I use to print many t-shirts by them for my Wing Chun club in Nice

Here are theyr infos:

 Boutique et atelier au 18 bis, Rue de Paris - 06000 NICE
Tél. / Fax :
Mobile : 

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Posted by LouiseLL - 5 years ago

There are also lots of companies that offer online services. You just send in your design and they print however many copies you want and send them to you. I know several people who did this in the past and they were really happy with the result.

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Posted by Charlie670 - 5 years ago

Hi there the only place that I know is located in the front of the Ma Nolan's pub down in the "vieux Nice" (rue saint francois)

it's called pop'art or something like that you have to go up the little stairs I think the shop is next door to the souvenir shop.


good luck then