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Where do I sign a french cheque?

Posted by agathe_tyche - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by marmine-187669 - 14 years ago

I had the same problem when writing my first cheque. But the right place to do it is just under the fait a and date line.The space at the back is to be used for the receiver of the cheque to sign it. I was advised to sign every cheque I receive immediatly on the back. That way it is useless for someone else to collect it, in case of ..........

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Posted by agathe_tyche - 14 years ago

Thanks, that's what I would have thought (having been using English-language chequebooks in various countries for the past 20 years)  -- however, on my French cheques there's no line on which to sign, and no obvious or indicated space.

Filling in the rest of the cheque isn't a problem - I was educated entirely in French, and my French is in some ways better than my English -- but I still can't see where to sign this cheque! I've looked at the rest of the cheques in the chequebook, and they're all the same (no signature line) -- so this particular one isn't a misprint.

These are CA cheques -- does what I'm describing ring a bell with any CA customers? Do I just sign anywhere in the blank area in the bottom right-hand corner?



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Posted by wilcapon-188447 - 14 years ago

bottom right just the same as in UK or elsewhere

filling the rest of the cheque in is harder

the amount in words goes near the top, and the payee in the middle


Good luck