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Where in Nice?...

Posted by Sol-192236 - Created: 13 years ago
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New in CDA, so if somebody could tell me some things about Nice:

A) Where is the no-go area ? ie seedy, dangerous, etc

B) Where is the bohemiam part of the city?

C) The expensive, posh area?

D) The interesting shops/boutiques/art galleries?

C) The immigrant areas: chinatown?? etc? Specially for the ethnic restaurants.

Would love to know what the guide books don't tell you.

Many thanks  for your reply and information.


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Posted by jivebaby-189615 - 13 years ago

I would also add areas such as the port and the quarter to the north of it upto Barla , trhe bar strip up at Tiranty, Massena (bits of it)JiveBaby

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Posted by Collie21 - 13 years ago

Hi Sol without being cheeky or smart there is really one answer to all your questions, and it's vieux Nice. I know a lot may disagree with me on that. However as regards no go areas and this is my expereince, a) anywhere where there is no one else on the street at night and b) anywhere where you look like you feel you are in a no go area. Cimiez is posh I guess, if you want to go look but there isn't much to see, and if you are new well then its all interesting, isn't it???CheersIf you need someone to show you around send me an email. Collie21hey does that wall have a crack in it? It most certainly does.