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Where's the best place to live on the Riviera?

Posted by gingerjane-195469 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by peter-DeMoss-921062 - 5 months ago

Hello everyone. Searching for a place to buy a house on the coast and after speaking with a couple of agents they both tried to steer us away from Mandelieu and pitched Mougins and Valbonne stating that Mandelieu is undesirable and hard to resell. Is this true?

We found a house on Capitou on top of the hill with magnificent views and only concern was driving daily to drop off kids in Valbone at CIV school.

Any input really appreciated.

Thank you

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Posted by job-212223 - 5 years ago

Juan les Pins, no question!

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Posted by citic-213768 - 5 years ago

Spain or Italy 

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Posted by gingerjane-195469 - 5 years ago

Thanks everyone for all your very helpful advice. We will certainly rent first, and take the necessary time to find the best place for us. La Col sur loup seems like a better option than vence as it is closer to the sea and to Cannes and Antibes where we have a lot of friends and may end up working. We are also considering Mandelieu- does anyone have an opinion on that are for a young family? Thanks.

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Posted by cep.mrap - 5 years ago

Villefranche sur Mer !

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Posted by ESS-209984 - 5 years ago

Renting is a really good option.

You do need to think about schools - we had a 16-year old when we arrived 10 years ago, so settled on the outskirts of Valbonne to be close to Mougins School for her.   We are so happy that we did, and love this area, would not move from here.

I love the coast out of season, but to live there during July and August would not please me as I could not stand the traffic congestion to get anywhere!    Being a little further back you avoid that.

We are less than 20 minutes to Nice Airport, and 10km from the sea.   Surrounded by good schools, great restaurants, views of the hills, wonderful walks..... My little corner of heaven.

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Posted by weezer - 5 years ago

It's good advice to rent first for a while if you can.

I think La Colle sur Loup, just down the hill towards the coast from Vence is the best village for a young family. It's small, but not too small, very "alive", very beautiful. It's 15 min from the beaches of Cagnes sur Mer and super-convenient for schools and  supermarkets while still having a village community vibe. It's just lovely, and very affordable (relative to...).

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Posted by lilu-219833 - 5 years ago

Having lived on the cote d'azure for 12 years I can tell you that you have to see for yourself. I have lived in Nice, St. Tropez, Vence, Tourettes sur Loup, Beaulieu sur Mer and in the country side before reaching Monaco. Of all the places each is special and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Different strokes for different folks.

By all means rent before you buy. Anywhere along the cote d'azure will have elevated property prices. Get to know the area there are alot of things to consider. One major thing to consider is traffic. In summer you will literally find yourself in hour long traffic jams trying to reach the beach.

The best of luck to you.


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Posted by fatlessfruitloaf - 5 years ago

I see what you mean Sue and it is rather quiet but...did you do the expat thing or did you mix in with the locals?  There's quiet a bit going on that you might have missed.  The thing about Beaulieu is that you are precisely (by train) between 8 and 12 mins (depending on express or normal line) away from Monaco. Get tired of that scene and you can hop on the train to Nice (15 mins). A bus passes your door every  15 mins either way. Want a day out - try La Turbine or Eze or St John. The exit for the motor way comes right  down to Beaulieu. The beach clubs are great and guess what - when you want to sleep - you can because there is not much noise or revelery and the tourists are not thronging the streets in the summer - like so many other places. There are some good restaurants here and down in Villefrance. Eze has some remarkable one's too.  Eze Board de Mer has the chic beach clubs for expats and locals. Heck you can walk there if you like. You see Beaulieu is part of that great triangle that links Villefrance Beaulieu and St John.  So very much is under the skin there. You can easily miss it if you are not careful.


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Posted by SunnySue-315619 - 5 years ago

Beaulieu is certainly very beautiful but property prices are higher too. Also, having spent quite a lot of time there, I find it just a bit too sleepy. There really isn't a lot going on, whereas Vence has lots of restaurants and cafés with live music, shops, etc. As someone also pointed out, Clinique St Jean being so close can also only be an added bonus. I do agree that Beaulieu is one of the most beautiful places on the coast though!