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Where to buy Indian Spices on the Cote d'Azur

Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Traveller-200076 - 15 years ago

If you want Real/Original/True Indian spices..Ready Mixes..Masalas..You can easily order online directly from Indias best spice coy likewww.everestspices.comor from a U.K distributor of another Indian Manufacturer www.natco-online.com.If you want large Fresh quantites,then It can be arranged for you to receive it directly at your Home...and directly from India.... Hope it helps....&May the Sun rays..always shine into your Heart,Home,Family and Hearth...and let waft...the aromas of Original Indian Spices .. stimulating your Gastronomic Juices...Cheers(Always carry a Back Pack & a Swiss Knife)

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Posted by srikanth-182535 - 15 years ago

Aren't they expensive?

I usually find the British shops more expensive than Indian ones. ( The one at Nice, for instance)


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Posted by Jan-181414 - 15 years ago

A little birdie has told me that Brittain's Home Stores in Valbonne are expecting a whole new range of Tiger, Tiger brand, curry spices and oriental goodies. ETA 2/3 weeks.



'anything for an easy life'

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Posted by farhada - 15 years ago

The Asian Market in Antibes-Juan-Les-Pins have some good spices for reasonable price. They are located at Boulevard President Wilson. Right after the Gas station (coming from Antibes). They also have good collection of beans and Oriental food.

Also, there is a Marrocan (I think) store in Juan Les Pins close to where Leader Price is (on the sam side of the street as Leader Price). It is pretty small but what they have is pretty cheap. Specially good if you are looking for cheap Cos Cos and beans.



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Posted by minnie the minx-181356 - 15 years ago

The Philipine Store on Rue Jean Jaures (just off Marche Gambetta) does a fantastic range of Indian and Oriental spices at very reasonable prices. They also have a great range of esoteric veggies etc.

Be warned they are closed all day on Wednesday.

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Posted by MrNobody - 15 years ago

There's a stall in Fayence market, run by a very nice lady, that sells absolutely everything you need in terms of spices for curries, (including fenugreek seeds).

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Posted by sarahj-181601 - 17 years ago

In Vieux Nice there is a newly opened English speaking, Sri Lankan-owned alimentation called Ile de Ceylan, which supplies authentic spices (ground or whole), herbs and pastes, chutneys, teas, rices etc.... basically anything you could need 

they are at 17 Rue Benoit Bunico, just off Place Rosetti, the phone number is 04 93 62 34 55, and you can even e mail them at ile-ceylan@henot.net  

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Posted by Doug-181340 - 17 years ago

Picard do a good range of the less esoteric herbs in a frozen format. They do corriander, thyme, dill, chives, basil, tarragon, parsley and mint. They also do chopped bits of garlic and ginger.

I like to sprinkle a few of their frozen chopped corriander leaves into a curry about 7 mins before serving. Lovely.

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 17 years ago

Apparently there is a market on the Place des Aires in Grasse on Saturday or Sunday mornings which sells excellent oriental spices at reasonable prices.

They also sell oriental spices at Picard. I assume they are ground and frozen - I've not bought them there, just happened to notice them.

As for Geoffrey's, for the price of a ticket to UK you can do your shopping, have a weekend in the UK, and still spend less than going to Geoffrey's.  Last time I set foot in there was several years ago to find some chutney. I often wonder if the staff are still so rude.



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Posted by venkym - 17 years ago

There is a shop near Monaco in Beaulieu sur mer called "Ranjanas". We usually make one trip in a month to pick up spices there. Quite often they have certain items that are not available in Promo Asie/ Promo Indien in Nice.Geoffrey's is expensive for the Indian stuff. The Nice and Monaco alternatives are better.Venky