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Where to live?

Posted by NataschaG - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Lescypres-873147 - 5 years ago

The Paillon Valley has many dynamic villages, we moved from Valbonne after many years, (too many anglophones, too much Cote d'azure "bling") to Contes. We can come from the Promenade des Anglais via les tunnels de Paillon to our house in 15 minutes. Housing is reasonable and the schools good. This is the real arrière pays niçois, fantastic scenery, open air theatre through the summer with free concerts, very welcoming people, we haven't regretted our move for an instant.

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Posted by DaneinFrance - 5 years ago

Hi there:-)

i have lived in beaulieu sur mer for 7 years with my husband and two kids an we have just loved it. It's 20 min. From Monaco and 20 from Nice. My husband goes by Vespa to Monaco which is great for morning traffick. Beaulieu is a quiet town with fruit and veg markets every morning all year around. It holds a couple of great butchers, bakers, shops, hairdressers etc.

the local French school here is excellent .

you have the port which holds a few restaurants and a couple of beaches of which one is private. 

The train from beaulieu takes around 10 minutes to Monaco. 

I can't recommend it enough. 

Good luck :-)


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Posted by NataschaG - 5 years ago

Yes! that help ALOT!!

I will definatley check out Vence! Sounds quiet but not isolated. In Febuary when we come down we want to visit about four or five towns and drive the distance to the train station for my husband to make sure its not more than 10 minutes.

Thanks all for your help and keep the comments coming though!

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Posted by 1850stjeannet - 5 years ago

Vence is pretty good - my son went to school there and its our nearest market town (we live in St Jeannet, also very nice if you want a calm attractive village environment). Vence has a great Lycee, a cinema, attractive historic core, good library public pool and good sports facilities, milder input of tourists than the coast, and interesting Art/Music events (Chk out Les Nuits du Sud) - your husband would have to drive down to Cagnes sur mer for the train.

If you like smaller places with decent schools, Associations and reasonable travel distances, look at La Gaude, Gattieres and St Jeannet - Its a 15min drive to the station at St Laurent du var, they are all attractive environments which aren't overpriced, with good local community facilities/groups. You stand a good chance of finding resonably priced accommodation with villas and pools plus village houses in this belt, its got good A8 access and is easy to get out into the countryside plus about 20mins from the Airport, always a good plus if you travel a lot. 

You need to reflect on what you are looking for, whether the environment of a village or small town is what you are seeking, AND your husbands total travel time and costs. If you are here for the long haul definately look at the quality of what is on offer for schools as your children get older - in terms of sports and social clubs most places are pretty well-equipped or at worst they are no more than a few km drive away. Public transport as you move back from the direct coast strip tends to get more problematic as you come off main routes, in a lot of places last bus back is leaving the coast 7.30/8pm. 

Hope that helps

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Posted by NataschaG - 5 years ago

Hi all.

We are coming down for a week in Febuary for a bit of a look; we definatley want a house with a pool. I dont need to be near international schools, my kids are all perfectly billingual and attend the french public school here.

Definatley dont want crowds in summer, quiet is ok by me, I wont be working so can always take the car down the hills to the bigger towns for my social calls.

We will need a place to rent first, then look around and take our time to decide to buy. We are usually impulsive buyers but really want to take our time this time as I know from one town to another prices can double or even triple.

Ive been searching the mairie websites and have spied a few nice towns, Vence, Mougins, Biot and Peillon. Anyone know these towns? I know Mougins is pretty international since its close to the sillicon valley of the french riviera. Ive also looked at Sospel, Peymeinade and Tourette Levens.

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Posted by parisdining - 5 years ago

Hi, many people who work in Monaco like to choose Cap d'Ail as a place to live as it is so close. However  Eze bord de la mer is a pretty town but with no local services everyone needs to go to Beaulieu sur mer even for milk and bread Villefranche is very pretty as well  as well as the hill towns of Eze village and Roquebrune village for the views. You need to see online what is available for housing first according to your expectations and then check out the surrondings. For your children there are international schools in Monaco and in Nice with a bus service to help you out.

good luck with your stay here it is a wonderful place to be.

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Posted by 1850stjeannet - 5 years ago

Train line pretty much follows the coast so if you want 15mins walking distance to a station you are going to be maximum of 25mins walk from the sea. You need to define what your criteria are as theres a lot of nice places along the coast - if it was me due to train disruptions I'd stick to somewhere between Nice and Menton - so at least if the SNCF goes out you have option of a bus into work. Most places between the two places are very liveable, chk out local Marie sites on each station for local facilities would be a good starting point. Rentals ae expensive on the CdA so you'll need to decide if you want a house or a flat - that might determine quickly what areas are affordable. In my opinion both Nice and Menton are good places to live for facilities, transport, access to autoroute and ability to get to ski-resorts in winter and profit from the beach in summer - Nice clearly is a much bigger town but it has pockets of calm if you seek them out - Bas Cimiez is definately worth looking at in Central Nice. 

Bear in mind smaller places along the coast can be fuelled entirely by the tourist trade, so go pretty quiet outside season - could be a plus or a minus. If I was you I'd get a flight down and send a few days getting the feel of the region now out of season - both hotels should be cheap and public transport with the bus is merely 1 Euro!

Good luck in your research 

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Posted by Kentish maid-243236 - 5 years ago

If you want somewhere quieter then you should look at Menton, it's east of Monaco, just about 15 mins on the train to MC.  There are plenty of different areas around it, in the hills or on the outskirts.

Worth a look.

Good luck.