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Who can I call? Music until 3am.

Posted by EnfantDuSoleil - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by EnfantDuSoleil - 5 years ago

That's great, thank you...

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Posted by milanarts06 - 5 years ago


There is special police  (BMITP) Brigade mobile d'intervention pour la tranquillité publique.

From 19:00h  until 05:00h in the morning   Phone:  0493535353

Best regards

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Posted by Simply Private Staff - 5 years ago

Well came over to France last year and stayed in Juan and paid a high rate for a 2 month rental, most nights it was a nightmare to get any sleep at all, even slept on the bathroom floor to try to escape the torture.... No one cares at all they would never get away with that in the UK it was exhausting !! good luck to you, especially on the Fete De Music forget that night drumming outside your balcony, screaming outside, disco noise everywhere and a crazed French Restaunt owner off his face every night on pastis, apart from that cool... NOT... thats France for you enjoy..

Weather good though, how did I ever live there for 18 years not sure now ..


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Posted by EnfantDuSoleil - 5 years ago

Thanks for the advice.

Would that be Police Municipale or Nationale?

I suppose I should call the station, as opposed to emergency number?


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Posted by NicolaasM-275338 - 5 years ago

Indeed you can call the local police, however it would be better to try to negotiate with your neighbors that they do this for instance only on Saturdays or so. Calling in the police can be effective, but scews up your relationship with your neighbors. Depending who they are this can be very detrimental to your quality of life going forward.

Of course if nothing helps, you will have no choice.

Best regards,


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Posted by KiKi1-884057 - 5 years ago


Yes, you can absolutely call the police, just remember to exagerate the situation a bit more, then keep calling and ask your friends to call them about the same people, that way the police will actually issue them with a warning.

Bon Courage!