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words of a song

Posted by nina-II - Created: 14 years ago
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I don't know if this kind of question fits in this forum, but could anyone of you english speaking people help me with this:

there is an american protest song (if think Paul Robeson sang it), that goes "last night I dreamed I saw Joe Hill/ alive as you and me/ I said Joe Hill you're ten years dead/ I never died said he"

My daughter loves it, and it works wonders as a lullaby (anybody with small child will apprediate the value of this) The problem is I never knew the following, and I get a bit crazy singing the same verses more than twenty time over every evening...

Does anybody out there know the rest of the song, or know about a book or a website which specialise in american protest songs of the 20's/ 30's?

Thanks for your help


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Posted by nina-II - 14 years ago

Thanks a lot, Lana, now I can sing longer, but also I know what and who I am singing about! I

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Posted by szozu - 14 years ago

That was easy, I put a snatch of lyrics into Google and then typed "lyrics".