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Working in Ireland

Posted by reinrev5 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 15 years ago

...................and sailing !!



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Posted by GAA HEAD - 15 years ago

Another factor is the social / leisure possibilities in Ireland. Club life ie Golf/tennis/soccer or whatever your sport is....is great and really welcoming! Really easy to get a circle of friends !

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Posted by Kidloco-198915 - 15 years ago

Hey,just read your post, dublinmike has given you some handy details.But forgot to mention that from the 20th of Jan ,were goin all European by changing all the road signs and speed limits to Km rather than Mph,so that will also be handy ,if you are driving.By the way i live in Dublin and if you need any more help/Information drop me a line at wallymurray@hotmail.com i would be pleased to help, Slanwhatcha

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Posted by reinrev5 - 16 years ago

Dublinmike and Draz-de,

Thank you very much for your comments.

Much as I thought, except for the P-Transport bit. This will give my son something to think about before jumping.




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Posted by draz_dee - 16 years ago

hi !Only been living in Dublin for few months and arrived few months ago from Dublin to CdA.Agree with everything that dublinmike said.Just think that Dublin is a great experience to live. Best town ever on the night, people extremely welcoming, nice and full of fun..not like all of us, French, around here !!U might miss sun, beach, but will definitely enjoy irish warmthjules

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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 16 years ago

...forgot to add, Wild Horses wouldn't drag me back.....

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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 16 years ago


Keeping this short-ish...

Live South-side city only
Traffic really really unbelievable (Tokyo-like)
Roads and infrastructure really bad
Dublin is like building site
Rents / property purchases massive
40% more expensive than CdA average monthly expense
Weather always promising but usually disappointing
No outdoor life to speak of
Shopping or pubs - barely any other possible activity
Hangover frequent and expensive
Slowest, most scared drivers in the world (new penalty points system)
Needs extra social effort if you're from the UK (truth ok?)
Make sure you have car for East Point or Citywest hi-tech parks, they're on out of the way ex-landfill sites (or look like it anyway). 
YOU HAVE TO HAVE A CAR, P transport minging.

Best night-life in the world
Easy to make contacts IF effort is made
Fantastic place in small doses
Hardly any bureaucrats or 'ocracies
If you buy, you can make 20% PA on quality property
S-Side city centre is a blast any night of the week - if you're single.

Have fun, let me know if you make the break, I'll give you some contacts so that if you're stuck for anything while there, you'll have someone to call on.