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Working in Monaco but living in France

Posted by Dolce Vita-191247 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by carolie-182474 - 13 years ago

Hi, well to answer your first question if you work in Monaco and live in France you pay your socal charges, retirement pension etc in Monaco and your income tax in France. This has advantages as in Monaco your employer pays all your socal charges, in france you pay the employee share which is quite high more than you would pay in income tax so yes  you can gain financially from working in Monaco.

The only problem I found was the travel I live in Nice but it still took 40 minutes to get there in rush hour traffic, but it may be better on the motorway. I would suggest he does a few dry runs to Monaco and back at rush hour times and see how long the journey would take as in my case it added an extra hour and a half to a 10 hour working day so I'm now looking for work locally. . Also he should try the train as the station is right in the middle of Monaco. If you have any more questions let me know.