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Would I be breaking the law?

Posted by Paul Carmel-190537 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Cannes69 - 16 years ago

just a short remark to my comment before:


the european tariff law allows to send or bring in 800 cigarettes max.each time within the european community.



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Posted by Cannes69 - 16 years ago


look at that site: www.zigarettenkaufen.de

german site where you can order the cigarettes from spain.If you order 2 cartouches ore more the delivery is also free.

They deliver to France as well.With the new european law this "transactions" are legal also when the french( and specially them-running always behind the new laws)don't like it.


good luck


if you need help with the translation of the site, let me know





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Posted by dancer-180182 - 16 years ago

can you really trust the postal service for movingg snouts around the place?

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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

The supply of tobacco (and thus cigarettes) is regulated in France; the registered Tabacs and their burialistes have a monopoly. You can't resell cigarettes legally (even though many bars and restaurants, for example, apparently do).

If you are perceived to be "supplying" your friend in Paris, then I suspect you would be breaking the law. Even if you are not making a profit I suspect you would be in breach even if accepting the cost of the smokes in cash and/or kind (such as being taken out for a nice meal when you're in Paris), whether that's formal or informal. You may even be in breach if it's simply a regular gift...

So, all moral issues aside, my guess (and I'm not a lawyer, and all standard disclaimers apply...) is that you probably would be breaking the law.


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Posted by Paul Carmel-190537 - 16 years ago

I agree!!! Wanna buy some cheap fags? ( joke, moral Police )


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Posted by madcat - 16 years ago

Being a smoker myself, I can appreciat the arguments of those who tell you not to help or supply fags to your friend - but I do have a problem with being imposed a rule of any sort.  If, as you say, your friend is a big smoker and always will be, that's a matter for him and if you can send him cheaper ciggies so be it.  Booze is a dangerous drug also, but I bet everyone that has answered your e-mail has bought some duty free at some time or other.  For me, your question was not a moral one but a legal one.  Ask you local Tabac, they're bound to know.madcat

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Posted by Rouretan - 16 years ago

First I support Mike's view 100%: I wont make it easier for anyone to smoke.

And as for the striking buralistes (baccy shop keepers): I would be happy to see them go out of business and don't see why they should be subsidised by the government (sorry I mean taxpayers): I also made the point on the TF1 site: http://news.tf1.fr/news/economie/0,,1463778,00.html 

The real shame is that the rest of the EU isn't stepping in line behind England and France and bringing their taxes on the killing weed in to line.

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 16 years ago

Agree with Mike on the moral issue.  I would never "help" a friend in that way.

On the tax issue - if as you state there is a price difference, I am pretty certain that it would come from the implementation of Corsica's "zone franche".  Other zones franches exist in France and it is amusing to learn the history that surround them.  I remember once driving through the ominous mountain track between Gex and Bellegarde (departement de l'Ain bordering Switzerland) when an armed douanier abseiled from a cliff face and landed in front of me, blocking the route.  He (and some backup colleagues) then searched my car and confiscated the 500gm. container of butter that I had bought tax-free in a Gex supermarket and was unwittingly transporting into taxed territory.  When I say "tax-free" it had been bought at reduced tax rates within the French zone franche that was created when Switzerland offered the small buffer zone of the Pays de Gex to Napoleon in the 19th century.

Other zones franches exist all over France and YES - you are breaking French law by transporting more than a very small amount of levied goods through the invisible barriers.

Interesting question MikeP raises on EU tax though.  I wonder how this works in practice?  Even though there is free movement of goods and services, VAT rates are different.  So I expect the answer would be that you should export/import to account for the tax rate difference in which case, the price advantage would disappear.

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

Interesting point.  As there is supposed to be free movement of goods within the EU,  it should even be legal to post dutiable items between (EU) countries.  If so,  what stops people posting cigarettes in reasonable quantities for personal use from Spain to UK, for example?

Morally, whether one should supply poisonous, even if legal, substances to friends is another story.  I refuse to buy cigarettes for anyone.