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Writing in French on QWERTY keyboard

Posted by nice cuppa tee - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by mike-179830 - 15 years ago

Hold down [Alt] and then type one of the following sequences on the numeric keypad (not using the numbers above the QWERTY bit of the keyboard):


ACCENTED VOWELS OTHER ACCENTED CHARACTERS DescriptionCode DescriptionCodeÁ Aacutealt-0193 ÇC-cedillaalt-0199ÀAgravealt-0192 ç c-cedillaalt-0231 Acircumflexalt-0194 ÐEthalt-0208Ä A-dieresisalt-0196 ðethalt-0240àAtildealt-0195 ÑN-tildealt-0209Å A-ringalt-0197 ñn-tildealt-0241  ŠScaronalt-0138á a-acutealt-0225 š scaronalt-0154à a-gravealt-0224 ÝYacutealt-0221â a-circumflexalt-0226 ýyacutealt-0253ä a-dieresisalt-0228 ÞThornalt-0222ã a-tildealt-0227 þthornalt-0254å a-ringalt-0229      LIGATURES É E-acutealt-0201 DescriptionCodeÈ Egravealt-0200 ÆAEalt-0198Ê Ecircumflexalt-0202 æ aealt-0230Ë Edieresisalt-0203 ŒOEalt-0140  œoealt-0156é e-acutealt-0233    è e-gravealt-0232 PUNCTUATION SYMBOLS ê e-circumflexalt-0234 DescriptionPCë e-dieresisalt-0235 §sectionalt-0167  • bulletalt-0149Í Iacutealt-0205 ¶paragraphalt-0182Ì Igravealt-0204 ¿questiondownalt-0191ΠIcircumflexalt-0206 ¡exclamdownalt-0161Ï Idieresisalt-0207 «guillemotleftalt-0171  »guillemotrightalt-0187í i-acutealt-0237  …ellipsisalt-0133ì i-gravealt-0236 –endashalt-0150î i-circumflexalt-0238 —emdashalt-0151ï i-dieresisalt-0239 “doublequote leftalt-0147  ”doublequote rightalt-0148Ó Oacutealt-0211 ‘singlequote leftalt-0145Ò Ogravealt-0210  ’singlequote rightalt-0146Ô Ocircumflexalt-0212 ‹guilsingleleftalt-0139Ö O-dieresisalt-0214  ›guilsinglerightalt-0155ÕOtildealt-0213 · period centeredalt-0183ØOslashalt-0216 ‚ quote single basealt-0130  „quote double basealt-0132ó o-acutealt-0243    ò o-gravealt-0242 MATHEMATICAL/GREEK SYMBOLS ô o-circumflexalt-0244 DescriptionPCö o-dieresisalt-0246 °degreealt-0176õ o-tildealt-0245 ±plusminusalt-0177ø oslashalt-0248  ÷dividealt-0247  ‰per thousandalt-0137Ú Uacutealt-0218 ­minusalt-0173Ù Ugravealt-0217 ×multiplyalt-0215Û Ucircumflexalt-0219 ½one halfalt-0189Ü U-dieresisalt-0220 ¼one quarteralt-0188  ¾three quartersalt-0190ú u-acutealt-0250 ¹one superioralt-0185ù u-gravealt-0249  ²two superioralt-0178û u-circumflexalt-0251  ³three superioralt-0179ü u-dieresisalt-0252 µmualt-0181  ¬logicalnotalt-0172Ÿ Ydieresisalt-0159  ƒflorinalt-0131ÿ ydieresisalt-0255 ßgermandblsalt-0223       MONETARY SYMBOLS  COPYRIGHT SYMBOLS DescriptionCode DescriptionCode€euroalt-0128 ®registeredalt-0174¢ centalt-0162 ©copyrightalt-0169£sterlingalt-0163 ™trademarkalt-0153¥yenalt-0165        OTHER SYMBOLS ISOLATED ACCENTS  DescriptionCodeDescriptionCode ªordfemininealt-0170´acutealt-0180 ºordmasculinealt-0186¨dieresisalt-0168 †daggeralt-0134ˆcircumflexalt-0136 ‡double daggeralt-0135˜tildealt-0152  ¯macronalt-0175 ¸cedillaalt-0184 **************

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 15 years ago

On W2K it is called "United States International", you type a ' followed by an e to get an é and so on.



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Posted by ian81-188951 - 15 years ago

To get the accents use the ALT Gr plus !, ?, and a number of other keys to produce characters not normally available. The accents are intuitive for example.

' + e = é
` + e = è
~ + n = ñ^ + e = ê
" + e = ë
' + c = ç

Also you can achieve various characters by holding ALT (PLUS on the NUM Pad a four digit number e.g. ALT 0169 gives ©

In MS Word if you look in the help section for 'international character using keyboard shortcut' there are some further suggestions.

There are other ways -you need to find what works best for you which iun turn will depend on what software you are using .