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Yet another Worm/Virus

Posted by mike-179830 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by the_geezer - 16 years ago


'because it sends itself to everyone in your address book'...

I haven't been infected, and judging by your comment Fuggers, the 'no-mates' geezer isn't likely to, being as I don't appear to feature on anyone's address book.

How virtually tragic.


The Geezer

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Posted by WelshNotEnglish - 16 years ago

Don't you just love Outlook?!?

Unfortunately, my company ...which was incidentally mentionned by Steven R, although I've never met a Matthew Harding here ;-) ...is in the middle of downgrading from Lotus Notes to Outlook. It's gonna be great fun dealing with all the viruses once that's done!

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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

WelshNotEnglish: that's true as far as attachments go, but the likes of Hotmail do provide a measure of protection against script viruses that load from within the body of an HTML message, and which are typically aimed directly at users of Outlook or Outlook Express.



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Posted by WelshNotEnglish - 16 years ago

Unfortunately, fugly, opening a file from a 'remote' account, such as Hotmail or Yahoo, would still infect your PC if the file contained a virus. This is because you're not really opening the file on the remote server, but instead downloading it and opening it locally on your machine.In fact, email services such as Hotmail and Yahoo are not more 'remote' than any other email service. It's more a case of these being different because you're accessing your emails via your web browser instead of having any specific email software (ie Outlook, Eudora, etc...) installed locally on your machine. In both cases, however, the emails are stored on a remote server that you connect to. You always download any attachments to your machine when you open them.Fortunately, however, as fidav says, services such as Yahoo and Hotmail automatically scan your attachments before you download them, so there's not much to worry about. ;-)Hope that helps!

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Posted by fugly-185614 - 16 years ago

They are saying that this one has infectefd 1 in 17 of all e mails.  Also because it sends itself to everyone in your address book it has created such a huge amount of traffic that most servers are having troubles with the amount of traffic and either slowing down or crashing.

Can e mails on remote accounts (such as hotmail etc) infect your pc, if you open the e mail from there source, ie the e mails server and do not download the attachment to your pc?  Please no one try this if you do not know the answer, it was just an idea.

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Posted by Steve R-187639 - 16 years ago

Some further info about the 'worms' that are infecting our PCs.

McAfee are kind enough to provide a downloadable exe programme which will scan your PC for all known viruses up to the 19th August.


Follow the link, download and scan. It took about 30 mins to scan my PC.

I am a paid up member of symantec and was reasonably sure that my PC is clean, but thought it best to confirm and the Stinger has done just that. Note that Stinger is free of charge.

Apparently the latest batch of worms are set to deactivate themselves on the 10th of Sept so the end is in sight...until the next scare.

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Posted by joy-182973 - 16 years ago

Thanks Mike

I wasn't really expecting a miracle cure just hoping for one!!!!

You should read the 'trash' mails I have now got very big breasts a very large penis a very big sex drive absolutely no debts and I live in a Chateau because I got a superbe mortgage with very low installements :)


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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 16 years ago

Sorry Joy,

There's no solution except not opening emails you don't recognise. I have received over 100 yesterday and today also.

IMPORTANT: If you use Outlook make sure that your inbox is not in 'AutoPreview' mode, as this automatically opens all the emails, unfortunately including this virus. Configure it to show ONLY the sender and the subject line. I fear Outlook and other mail clients that show the body of the message is how it is spreading so fast.

Apparently it's the fastest spreading virus ever, and I've come to accept  in the last 24 hours that it's true....it is.

Mike's posting is absolutely accurate, open nothing with the following in the subject line, don't even give in to a tiny phemto of curiosity.

Re: Details Re: Approved Re: Re: My details Re: Thank you! Re: That movie Re: Wicked screensaver Re: Your application Thank you! Your details

Personally I've never run anti-virus software or a firewall on my personal PC's and I've never caught one. However that may be due to the particularly well adjusted bullshit filter I have after several years of 'Enlarge your penis' 'Viagra-No Prescription' and 'Reduce your debts'



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Posted by joy-182973 - 16 years ago

But isn't there anybody who can answer my questions I've got 100 emails an hour coming in!!!


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

Thanks John,  for this advice.  As I've got ADSL I will download a firewall.  I've been thinking about this for a while but wondered what the side efftecs might be.  If it is only that I can't exchange files through MSNM, then it is hardly a problem as there are work arounds.  Are there any other side effects?

As an aside,  I often wonder why these people who are obviously so smart that they can create these clever viruses,  don't use their ability to do something constructive instead of destructive.