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Posted by linzi-mermaid - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by peter57-190654 - 15 years ago

Hi, Alex

Just a quickie, I am Pete the one who wrote to Linzi and Steve, Like I said I have brought my satellite dish, but as to now I haven't fitted it, I would be grateful if you can point me in the right direction regarding getting it fitted. 

I am glad you are enjoying your new life,

e.mail  add is peter_bain2003@yahoo.co.uk

Regards Pete

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Posted by alx-189416 - 15 years ago

Hi Linzi & Steve! Hope plans are moving forward towards the BIG move.

I moved here in July and found it quite hard for the first 6 weeks, couldnt find work, missed friends and family etc...

Now, 4 months on I am beginning to feel really settled, and enjoying the good life here. I have found a job and am slowly making friends and finding my niche! And after all UK is only a short plane ride away... and you will surely get lots of visits as we have... (I just booked a flight home for 75 euros return - so cheap!).

You cant' really go wrong with the long hot summer, gorgeous mountains and warm sea, great food... and as was previous mentioned satellite dishes are the way forward if you like your soaps!

Get in touch if you feel lost when you arrive, I would be glad to help!

xx Alex xx


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Posted by Froggy12 - 15 years ago

Linzzy & Steve,I hope you will enjoy life in the South of France very soon! Let us know if we can be of any help regarding paperworks, etc...I would just like to comment CJ Flynn's message on "how horrible life in Southern France can be". Being French myself (funny that, nobody would have guessed from my signature ;-) I completely agree that there are many things that could be improved/changed in France (among which the administration, ohh the French administration!!!!). But after having lived in other countries, I have realised that every country has its own problems, and "that the grass is always greener on the other side".The only way for you, my dear CJ flynn, to avoid living a horrible, stressful, boring and expensive life in France would simply be... to explore the possibility of living somewhere else?? In any case, I am very sorry indeed to see that this is the opinion you seem to be having about France... Too bad I guess...Froggy12

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Posted by nataliesharp2001 - 15 years ago


I moved here a few moths ago and dont regret leaving England.

My only stuggle has been the language, the french love paper work and if you don't know French you may struggle!


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Posted by shakesrear - 15 years ago

(Shhh! Peter! keep it down.)He's a little delerious from the toxic pollution engulfing the cote d'azur. Anyway, if you're determined to come and you do make it down here, remember to close the gate behind you.

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Posted by peter57-190654 - 15 years ago

Hi Linzi/Steve

I  have been here 4-5 months, and can honestly say it is a lovely place, howeverI do miss corrie and eastenders, hence the reason I bought my sattelite dish, and waiting to have it fitted (CAN'T WAIT LOL)

  One piece of advice I can give is learn as much French as you can, I still havn' t got work but I am guaranteed work upon my learning, and believe me it's hard but I am determined. Property is also very expensive, but so is everywhere..Having good weather and the Med compensates for that, Oh and a lovely Lady (she is sitting here)

Best of luck and work at it, but do all your homework first..

Best wishes Pete and The Missus (the boss) 


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Posted by Vivienne-190903 - 15 years ago

Dear Vivienne,


I am also a Vivienne (!) who wishes to reslise my dream and go to live in the South of France. It's reassuring to read feedback from those who have done it successfully. Do you have any tips on finding employment other than through this website - perhaps some more addresses? I am looking to work in events management/marketing.

I really need to get out of Blighty, any advice would be most grateful.


Thank you!


Viv   viviennewilby@hotmail.com


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Posted by peter57-190654 - 15 years ago

Hey C J Flynn,

Why don't you go back to England if the South of France is such a horrible place to live in?


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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 15 years ago

Pay no attention to them......it's rubbish....really terrible.....stay away!! Oh how I miss the Asda carpark!

It's a no-brainer. good luck.


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Posted by seve-190923 - 15 years ago

stick with it!  my wife & I recently bought A lovely appartment in the old town of Sainte Maxime, and for us, after searching all over the Med, it's the greatest place on earth!