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Your Chance to share your story

Posted by linzi-mermaid - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by linzi-mermaid - 15 years ago

Vixan & Dave

I would love to meet up :) email me at Linzimoores@hotmail.com

Hope we can enjoy good food and sunsets soon.

Does anyone miss corrie or eastenders? LOL





The Best labour saving device ever invented is tommorow

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Posted by Vixan - 15 years ago


Glad to hear your going at your dream. My husband and I moved here a year ago. Believe me you can tolerate the stunning sunsets and excellent food-lol. Anyone who doesnt love living here must be blind, better views here than of Asda car park. Hope everything works out for you. When you are in the neighbourhood maybe we should go out for a few driks and exchange funny stories

Vivienne & Dave

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Posted by linzi-mermaid - 15 years ago


So glad to hear that you made your dreams come true :)

We would be really pleased if you could share some the things that made it possible for you. Any obstacle that stood in your way, or anything that was easier than expected.

We really are going for this and all help and advice greatfully received (and acted on).


Linzi & Steve


The Best labour saving device ever invented is tommorow

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Posted by Penney-180939 - 15 years ago

Dont lose sight of your dreams we too had these dreams once, and we have realised them !

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Posted by C J Flynn - 15 years ago

Did anyone mention to you that there is a growing smog problem here? Sometimes, I will look down the mountain and 30 or 40 kilometers close, an ominous cloud. Some say it is better in the distance than the horrid reeking refuse smoke that crosses roads and highways whenever the sky clears of rain and wind. Acrid, sulfur resine clinging doses of nature every kilometer or so.And, traffic. I, personally, have had to slow down several times, and even once had to stop on the way home. They dare to call them expressways in this condition? Those thems, they! They force me to chose between the two nice classical stations, one superb jazz station and an english news station whose music reminds me to try the other two. Don't be fooled by the gorgeous new airport, the near perfect roadways, and all the english speaking french folks. If you could go fast enough for all the bike riders, you'd discover that the roads in the hills have their share of bumps, and no matter how nice the french airport personnel are, you still have to show up 30 or 40 minutes before a flight to catch it. And if you din't have to try to slow down your english phasing in the markets and restuarants...well, this might be a decent place. Me, I'm going to have to go get more wood for the fire. There was snow on the mountains this morning. There won't be much time too rest before friends are going to drag me up the mountains or over to Firenze. Who dares call this sweet?C J