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Cluster Headaches

Posted by asha-222251 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by asha-222251 - 8 years ago

Many thanks for your replies and advice which i shall indeed discuss with my Dr.

A return to sleep yesterday was impossible, however the symtoms did subside as the day progressed although it took overnight sleep to rid myself of the headache completely.

Fortuanatly this morning all discomfort has gone.

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Posted by mrbluesky-229427 - 8 years ago

A most unpleasant condition. Preventative treatment, as has been mentioned, is with verapamil else lithium. Not perfect but reduces frequency and severity. Oxygen is the best treatment for a severe acute attack, supplied by a small portable oxygen cylinder. Well worth discussing with your doctor.

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Posted by angloSports - 8 years ago

HiI have suffered with Clusters for about 20 yrs, I get bouts about every 2 years and find the only relief I get during a bout is by taking Verapamil

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Posted by asha-222251 - 8 years ago

Thanks so much for your help Christopher ....much appreciated.

I've suffered many times before ......To be honest I haven't found any rythym to them ....the last one I had was back in December last year which is 4 months ago but prior to that, I had more than half dozen in less than 2 months.....it does seem strange as that fell Oct & Nov so perhaps there is a link with the equinoxes.

Either way they are horrible.....very difficult to explain the intensity of pain diectly behind the eye to anyone who has never suffered.

As it is this one I have today is mild in comparrison to others but nonetheless it is stopping me from getting on with my usual daily business.

A return to sleep is usually the best course of action which i have tried but with building work going on locally....arghhhh!!

Hopefully i may get a quiet period soon when people go to lunch!

From what i understand there isn't much in the way of treatment but I will be mentioning it to my Dr on my next visit, hence my need for translation.

Again many thanks


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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 8 years ago

I think that the French commonly call it "algie vasculaire de la face"
The clinical etymology is from Wilfred Harris (1926) and his term "migrainous neuralgia" would be translated in French as "névralgie migraineuse"
sympathy to you if suffering - strangely enough I heard that this can be provoked around the Spring and Autumne equinoxes and the passage to or from daylight saving - so it would seem to be the season :-(