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Ever gone to the Dentist and...

Posted by tkw - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by yjme-181229 - 14 years ago

I think you'll find it depends on the dentist's practice as to whether they employ oral hygiene assistants, the bigger the better may be the form. One where there are several dentists working together and perhaps with a 'hygieniste dentaire' on their books.  If I find out any information I'll let you know! You can't find them in the Yellow Pages, but I KNOW they exist!

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Posted by tkw - 14 years ago

This guy was a dentist within the french system...I don't know how the private ones advertise but I would expect a decent service even from the public system.

Good point about the hygenist!...that's really what I want!...3 minutes of the dentist's time to tell me nothing is wrong and 20 minutes of work by a hygenist to make sure nothing will be wrong.

Do dental clinics here not employ hygenists or dental assistants for this purpose? or is it possible to visit an oral hygenist seperately?


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Posted by Pervinca - 14 years ago

Is he a private dentist or one working within the French system?

I've had a not very positive experience with one dentist, but can't afford private treatment.



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Posted by szozu - 14 years ago

I went to an English dentist in Cannes, he was excellent, holistically-minded and worked faster than any dentist I had ever been to in my life--ie: he didn't stretch things out by making me come in for countless visits and instead did several different things on the same visit. He had all the lastest equipment and I could even inspect my molars on a computer screen, magnified to enormous proportions to catch all the details.

Your experience brings to mind a visit to a dentist when I lived in Spain.


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Posted by yjme-181229 - 14 years ago

Vent away, it helps.

I believe that dentists (and the French have a very good reputation - everyone gets their teeth done before being posted back to the UK for example) do not consider 'cleaning' to be very important unless you have disgusting gnashers. Let's face it, if you have good teeth they are out of business!  Seriously though, unless you go for specific treatments a lot of BUSY dentists prefer not to bother with the banal cleaning process because they are also not paid very much for this and they usually have a surgery full of patients waiting to have the serious stuff done. I could be wrong of course, I'll ask my dentist and friend. I could recommend him, but he's in Cannes. I believe you go to a hygienist if you want scrubbing and brushing........