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Health Care, CPAM

Posted by Sevendaver-252003 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Sevendaver-252003 - 7 years ago

My consultant is Mon Ami Andy.  I have been working with Andy and Jennifer since July on my CPAM "rights".  Jennifer sent me an email this morning.  See below:

My Name:
br /> Currently you are not able to hold a salaried position in France at all. If you petition for the change as it is your right to seek employment in France as the spouse of a European, your status will not be restricted to part or full time hours.  br /> Also, just a note to let you know that we have finally heard back from the CPAM. They posted you a letter on the 30/11 saying that  your file has been suspended. They are not able to tell us why, only that all of the information that you need is in the letter. Now, I understand that you have yet to receive any post from them, despite the fact that they have apparently sent you a multitude of letters, including one with your temporary social security number etc. Despite my reiterating to them your address on the phone they concur that their records indicate the correct address and the your dossier was suspended because you failed to respond to their correspondence. br /> Our only solution now would be to visit the CPAM in Frejus and to try to get to the bottom of this in person. We would have to charge you displacement and our hourly rate but Andy is available on the 27th, 28th or 29th, which are the next days that the office is open. Please let me know how you wish to proceed and I hope that we can have this resolved soon, br /> END br /> UPdate
br /> I called 08 11 36 36 46 and spoke in English to Maria.  She called her colleague in Frejus 83 and was told that the correspondence was sent to a different address.  Maria provided my correct address and now I am back in the loop (as mother used to say "we will see").  Meaning that the 83 office Frejus is going to send me yet more forms to re activate my file.  The file is to include the elusive Social Sec number. br /> For the record I have had some very frustrating and difficult dicussions with the Canadian bureaucrats in Canada recently.  One is just as bad as the next. br /> To think my father fought and almost died in France in WW11 so that I could do this.  He is likely rolling in his grave with laughter at me.

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Posted by A Breath of Fresh Air - 7 years ago

Chnage your consultant!!

Mon Ami Andy of Nice sorted mine out,  but I have to admit, they had a struggle with it.  It took several irate phone calls from them to the CPAM to make them act.