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Health Insurance

Posted by sunnyoutside - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Lots-322716 - 7 years ago

If you're a permanent French resident and are working, self employed or run your own business you can apply to join the French health care system. If you are inactiv you have to prove your 'droit de séjour' to qualify. This is a plafond that is set to ensure that you (nor family members) will be a burden on the French state because you have the minimum regular private income required. If you don't qualify to join under either of the above, that's it.

Otherwise, it's private health care I'm afraid if you aren't working or self-employed which costs an arm and a leg (soz for the pun).

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Posted by Ras-214972 - 7 years ago

Are you permanently resident in France or the UK?
If you are now living full time in France, it is highly unlikely any health or travel insurance you are paying for from the UK will cover you. You are no longer a tourist if you live here all the time, and travel insurance does not cover you.
You need to be covered by the French system the same as everyone else in France. So you need to obtain a 'carte vitale' and a social security number.
If you are employed in France, then speak to your employer, they should help you set it up. Otherwise you should get in touch with CPAM office to get advice on your specific circumstance.
Info about CPAM offices herehttp://www.ameli.fr/assures/votre-caisse-alpes-maritimes/nous-rencontrer/nos-centres-d-accueil-et-permanences_alpes-maritimes.php

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Posted by sunnyoutside - 7 years ago

So what do I need to do? How does the French healthcare system work if I've just moved here? What if I have an accident... how do I insure myself? Any help appreciated

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Posted by sunnyoutside - 7 years ago

I have travel insurance from a company called Essential Travel.

What is the cost of the Carte Vitale? Is everything refunded from treatment or surgery? I dont completely understand how it works.

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Posted by job-212223 - 7 years ago

Who is the 15 euros a month insurance through and what does it cover??

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 7 years ago

are you talking about a total reimbursement package or a top up for the carte vitale?