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Healthcare advice sought

Posted by Kate C-185644 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Kate C-185644 - 16 years ago

Tanya, Thank you very much for your advice in pointing me in the right direction. Much appreciated!


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Posted by Tanya-182357 - 16 years ago

You are only eligible to join the French social security system and hence to be reimbursed for healthcare costs once you are employed or self - employed. Your employer will organise the relevant paperwork with the authoriries when the time comes and you will be issued with a temporary social security number. The actual green piece of plastic, the Carte Vitale itself, is usually issued 9 months after you are affiliated to the Social Security.In the meantime you do not have any healthcover in France. By that I mean that you are not entitled to any financial help towards your treatment. You can of course receive treatment but you would have to pay the total cost.If you are not yet resident in France you could use your English E111 and get reimbursed for treatment from England.The basic French social security reimburses approx 60% of most medical treatments so even when you have the basic cover so it is often advisable to take out a mutuelle or top up policy to cover the remaining costs.