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Healthcare / Insurance - Am I missing something??

Posted by chris.sargent - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by chris.sargent - 6 years ago

Aha, yeah found it, thanks for that!

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 6 years ago

I think the social security tarifs are available on ameli.fr click on ameli direct

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Posted by chris.sargent - 6 years ago

Hi GAnthony - thanks for the reply. What you've described is pretty much what I thought so has put my mind at ease a little. The government clearly decideds how much one can be reimbursed depending on the operation - I guess for example plastic surgery won't get much of a refund!

Do you happen to know where the percentages are published please?

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Posted by GAnthony - 6 years ago

Chris, each operation covered by your Carte Vitale is subject to a percentage. For very serious operations this can be up to 100%. Other operations (including anesthetist and hospital stays) are often covered for a much lower %. All of these percentages are published, so one can see them ahead of deciding to go for treatment. A Mutuelle also pays out according to the fine print in the contract, and of course this is different for whichever level you pay for. Again, this is made known at the time of signing in the documentation provided. I don't think your case is exceptional however disappointing it must seem. Other members may shed more light on this issue.