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Invisalign for kids?

Posted by Ferney-France - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by airhostess-205789 - 5 years ago

This is from my husband (an orthodontist!)

It largely depends on if all the adult teeth are fully erupted. Also depends on the severity of the bite, does the child suffer from projecting teeth, severe crowding etc? These cases sometimes neccessitate extractions or functional brace therapy which helps bring the lower jaw forward and a fixed metal/white ceramic brace is needed and invisalign completely ruled out.

Invisalign is good for simple cases, and even then can necessitate filing down the teeth to allow space for movement to occur and long term can increase in sensitivity of teeth and suceptibility to tooth decay.

Qualifying to offer invisalign treatment involves a one day course and therefore a lot of general dentists offer it without having an orthodontic qualification (further 3 year degree) and therefore don't fully understand the pitfalls/problems that can arise during treatment. 

I'd recommend you get a second opinion from a SPECIALIST orthodontist (someone who has done a further 3 year degree on top of dentistry and not just attended a weekend course in invisalign) to ascertain whether invisalign is definitely suitable for your child.