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is there a rules on how much specialists charge

Posted by alexia2012 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by alexia2012 - 7 years ago

thank you all for the info. i understand the medical set up more now.

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 7 years ago

Drs are either "conventionée secteur 1 or conventionée secteur 2
secteur 1 means they charge the social security tariff & if you have a mutuelle you will be entirely reimbursed (60% secu, 40% mutuelle)
secteur 2 means they can charge a "depassement d'honoraire" which is meant to be fixed with "tacte & measure" (or something like that) but down here the depassements tend to be lacking in tact! You would be reimbursed the same by the security social(on the base of their tariffs) and generally the 40% of the secu tariff by the mutuelle, tho some have been known to be more generous.
If you go on the secu website (www.ameli.fr) you can check out which drs are in which convention before you go. And of course you can ask when you make your appointment

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Posted by infinitewisdom - 7 years ago

I would imagine guidelines but not rules. Personally I think that they are exceptionally good value for money, and being France - you have the freedom to use another professional if you prefer. :)

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Posted by bride2be - 7 years ago

Hi there, Doctor on the French riviera are expensive, normal price is 21€ , SSC , security social card give back 19€ , correct me if im wrong, then for any specialist, they charge more because they just want make more money , if they are good it doesn't really matter,osteopath from 20 to 70pediatrician from 30 to 100epidural : 150 to 300baby delivery man: from 300 to 800
SSCard give back usually 70 to 100% sadly on some medication it gives back 0% ,because it doesn't treat.
hope it helps.