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looking for a child speech therapist

Posted by coolio - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by coolio - 13 years ago

Yes he had glue ear and adenoids [spelling soz] and he was tongue tied aswell.and now they have found that he has an inner ear problem aswell.

I have a 6 year old daughter who is so french it surprises me sometimes no one knows that she is english this is why I am conserned as to his problem as she is so good at french and has never had a problem.

Thankyou for all the people who contacted me.

Im so grateful to you all now I can get it sorted thanks again.

This site is just so great to be able to help out with peoples problems well done.

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Posted by yjme-181229 - 13 years ago

Hi Nikki,

Just wanted to tell you not to worry too much just in case you were a little concerned. My son also had ear problems and was operated on when he was four. (Glue ear and adenoids). His French was behind because of this, despite having a French Dad and the teachers started to worry (which is normal, they have a job to do) but being bilingual also means that there is very often a 'retard' until the age of six or seven. This is NORMAL, hearing problems or none. I think it'd be a great idea to get a speech therapist, it can only be beneficial for your son, but mine was fine and caught up with the French very quickly once he was in CP and reading. I know a speech therapist who speaks English, she's in Grasse, not sure if that is your area.

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Posted by Andy G-190935 - 13 years ago

Try Chatterbox Listed here on the anglofile


or Tel: 04 92 92 00 12