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Massage qualifications

Posted by Sunshine-183336 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by HANN - 11 years ago

Hi, It is a while ago since you posted your add, however I thought I would ask whether you managed to get any further info on working in France with Reflexology and massage with an English Diploma? I am looking at the South of France. Thanks for your time in advance. Any info from anyone would be welcome on this topic,

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Posted by yjme-181229 - 17 years ago

And being without insurance is highly illegal and will get you into BIG trouble should anybody make a claim against you. Don't do it she screamed!!!! (Not assuming you would here by the way).

There are many alternative medical therapies that are recognised in France, but that does not mean they are accepted by Social Security for example. 

Alternative practioners who are accepted by the government (namely homeopaths) are first and foremost generalist doctors who have then gone on to their chosen speciality.

I have seen shiatsu practitioners being advertised, again, I think you can set yourself up fairly easily, it's just the insurance question that is the hic, but as Penney mentioned, you can take out insurance via GB.

Good luck.

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Posted by Penney-180939 - 17 years ago

You are able to register yourself in France in Reflexology and practice as it is a recognised diploma.

I am fully qualified Reflexologist (MAR)  I had to send a copy of my diploma to Paris and fill out the paper application. Insurance is obtainable to practice via British medical association in London also.

There are however a lot of people who set up a practice here without insurance !


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Posted by Sunshine-183336 - 17 years ago

Thanks very much for helpful info.   Do you know the situation as far as reflexology and shiatsu are concerned?    Are they recognised here?    Anyone else got any info/experience?

Many thanks,


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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 17 years ago

Just a word of warning, the term "massage" is basically legally protected in France for the exclusive use of Masseur Kinésithérapeutes. If you have an equivalent diploma from another EU country you can get it validated by the ministry of health in Paris (ease of validation dependant on where you diploma comes from) otherwise call yourself a "healing touch" therapist or something of that nature to avoid the risk ( fairly real depending on where you are in the country & the "virulence" of the local Kinés) of prosecution. Cant help you about the insurance question however.