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My sanity is under threat - Is help out there?

Posted by nightflyer - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by CaroW-190284 - 16 years ago

Neuro linguistic programming sounds interesting and expensive!  Having yo-yo'd for years I would be interested to hear more.  Does he come over to St Tropez way or is there someone else over here?


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Posted by Twilight-186781 - 16 years ago

I can vouch for what rosetta, i think she is talking about the same man I know in antibes, he is really good.... do see him!

Hope things work out for you... don't give up the fight

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Posted by hope-186232 - 16 years ago

Try chewing gum! when you have the urge to eat. (sans sucre - without sugar - of course) this keeps your mouth occupied without putting on weight from eating "ordinary or sugary" foods.There is a Weight Watchers in Monaco and in some other local towns - look in your phone book.

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Posted by Nicola R-189479 - 16 years ago

I've sent you an email directly giving you details of someone I have been told of who could perhaps help in counselling for eating disorders. I've also been led to believe that there is in fact an OA meeting in Nice, although I don't know more than that.

Hope you get things sorted out.

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Posted by Zeynep-183200 - 16 years ago

"Neuro-linguistic programming"?

That sounds right out of Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash":




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Posted by rosetta-185721 - 16 years ago

Sorry about that - my email is fine, but mails from Angloinfo do bounce occasionally. Have just sent you an email with the details.

Good luck!

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Posted by nightflyer - 16 years ago

Dear Rosetta, 

I tried to send you an e-mail  but it bounced.  Please will you e-mail me the details of the NLP teacher in Antibes and thank you for responding to my e-mail. 



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Posted by rosetta-185721 - 16 years ago

I do sympathize - not a self-help group, but I know someone here who teaches Neuro-linguistic programming. It's a system to reprogram behaviour that is controlling you and put you back in charge and can be used for many things such as reducing stress and eliminating phobias. Don't want to put his name here without permission, but email me if you want his details - he's based in Antibes and trained under Paul McKenna in the UK.