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Pregnant in the Var

Posted by mango-187457 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by mango-187457 - 15 years ago

Hi everyone

Thank you all for responding to my posting. The only problem is that I posted it in May 2003!!!

I am actually living back in England now having moved back at the end of February this year.

I had my little boy Raphael at the beginning of October 2003 in Draguignan and found the French maternity system to be excellent.

For those of you who are pregnant or have recently had babies I can recommend the baby centre website www.babycentre.co.uk which has a section specifically geared to mums in France.

Bonne chance!

Nathalie & Raphael (aged 20 months today)


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Posted by cazlun-200791 - 15 years ago

Congratulations to all the mums to be.

Mango, where abouts are you in the Var? I'm not pregnant now but when I moved to France (near Toulon) 4 years ago, I was 20 weeks pregnant with my first child. I know how daunting the ante natal classes are in French, specially if you don't understand the langauge very well. I took class after one month in France. Luckily my husband who is French but speaks English came along and translated it for me. The mid wife who gave the classes also found all the documents in English for me. Also, I found a gyneco who spoke English which all helped a lot.

If you are near Toulon I can pass you the names and numbers.


Good luck!

And if you need a place for childcare after the birth, don't forget to do it now, otherwise you'll be waiting until baby's 18th for a place! :D

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Posted by azerty-198488 - 15 years ago

yeah, it seems a bit different here in france. As soon as the pregnancy is confirmed (blood test) they can give the declaration (well they did with me in anycase!)

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Posted by Zeynep-183200 - 15 years ago

azerty - Here in Monaco, doctor gives you the "declaration de grossesse" after the 12th week examination & ultrasound scan. They say the reason is that the first trimester is a risky time for miscarriage, and so they expect the declaration from you only after you are past the 12-week mark and have had an ultrasound that confirms your pregnancy. I thought this was strange, since it says on the declaration to absolutely return it before third month of pregnancy:


Sorry I don't know how it works exactly in France. I would just call up the doctor's office and ask.

Good luck :-)


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Posted by Zeynep-183200 - 15 years ago

I am pregnant for the first time, as well - already 26 weeks! :-)

It would be great to meet up, but we might be a little far away. I am in Monaco.

I have found one good pregnancy shop: "XY" 8, rue Chabaud. Cannes. It is on a street that cuts rue d'Antibes. Unfortunately, about the same price level as Formes, but I have to say the clothes and material are much higher quality and are done in bettet taste.

Aside from that, there is a street in Nice called rue Alphonse Karr where several maternity shops (including Formes) are lined up. Also in Nice, I am told that the C&A in Nice Etoile has a small maternity section of very reasonably priced clothes.

If you feel like driving a little bit, there is a largish Prenatal store in Sanremo (Italy), about 45 min from Monaco on the highway. There, they have not only cheap & cheerful maternity clothes but also quite a lot of choice on baby stuff like prams, bottles, etc. It is on that main shopping street, close to the Eastern end where there is the underground carpark. If you are interested, I think I can find the name of the street.

Congratulations girls & good luck with your pregnancies :-)


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Posted by azerty-198488 - 15 years ago

hey, I'm also pregnant, only 8 weeks tho! J First one & very excited. I've just received my 'delaration de grossesse' forms and am busy filling them in; You know the 3rd (Pink) piece of paper, when exactly are we meant to post it off. It says 'dés que les examens sont passés' Is that after the first consultation, or right at the end when the baby is out? Cos later on it says 'once these two organisations have received the forms they will get on with seeing about my rights etc...' which leads me to think that it is right now... but it also says, post it off with the feuille des soins (plural) HELP!!!!!!!!

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Posted by inca-199525 - 15 years ago

Hi there


I too am pregnant for the first time - only 11 weeks at the moment, but would love to meet up with other English women as I am finding the whole process quite overwhelming!!! I speak very little frnch and would love to find out about antenatal classes, yoga etc, and also just meeting up with other mums to be!! The french paperwork involved in all of this is also very hard work! look forward to hearing from you - I live in La Colle Sur Loup