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The cost to see a doctor and getting x-rays done

Posted by ArchwayJack-293284 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Fish24 - 5 years ago

laughingboy - good and useful site - could you go to AI Dordogne and reply to Recommendation hospital -Beckie55 with this info?   Hope they can all read French!

Thank you as it was useful for me too.

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago

There's a useful list of prices here - depends on what they x-ray. These are the prices set by the state, but in some cases charges can be higher


X-rays are a lot cheaper than echographs, and scans are the most expensive of all.

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Posted by Fish24 - 5 years ago

For what it is worth (see 2nd para)  - doctors in France can be categorised under different sectors (eg public or private) (generalists or specialists) and it would take too long to explain in depth.

For the relatively simple things and concerning the OP, find a 'medecine generaliste' Sector 1 (under the public SS system), check the cost even as a private person - normally 23€ per consultation - get a receipt via the brown form or show your EHIC card - follow the advice/instructions given and remember that you are free to choose where you go for your X-rays (radiology center but not necessarily a hospital (public) nor clinic (private))  and back to the doctor who prescribed your X-rays, etc  to show him the results and he will prescribe a treatment (another 23€) but cheap at the price although they are just as good as in the private sector.  Then you can take your decision to stay or go back!

My simple X-rays are usually about 35-50€ for about 3 clichés and paid direct after which I can claim back via a receipt and the CPAM (I'm in the system)

Going via private sector is obviously more expensive.  The general medical system through the public sector is good and if you go to a doctor in the private sector, expect to pay a lot more!!!  His fees are 'liberal' in particular the specialists'.

Can be corrected, of course.

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Posted by Crossfamily-289915 - 5 years ago

I am a non EU citizen and so therefore i cannot claim or nor am I entilted to a cheaper rate, when we go to the doctors it cost me 26 euro before 5pm and a little more after 5pm and on weekends.

My daughter recently had a facial xray which cost us 24.32 euro and then later had to have a full facial scan which cost 27.25 euro, the lady at reception apologised that I had to pay the higher rate and  that is was quite expensive...but I considered it to be very cheap.

I guess depending on where you go and what exactly you have done it will vary, but when I went she was able to tell me before we had it done the cost, this may be your best option.


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Posted by Sarah S-306737 - 5 years ago

Before I was enrolled in the health system here I broke my face in 3 places. My first visit to the doctor was 45 Euros and then the scan at the hospital was 70 Euros to prove the breaks. There were a few other costs on top but in total it came to around 150-200 euros for the first stage with a consultation at the hospital with a specialist. I was then put in for surgery the next day at the public hospital and as I didn't have a French social security number received a bill a few weeks after for 1400 Euros for the surgery and hospital stay. I would really suggest seeing a doctor here and if they do suspect anything major then go back to the UK to get it sorted. It has taken me nearly a year to sort everything out here and its a big headache.

Hope this helps.

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Posted by sally_in_france - 5 years ago

First trip to the GP should be around 35 euros, basic x-ray will be under 100, then you'll have a second visit to look at the resultas. ought to be a total under 200 euros.

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago

A mate of mine broke his arm. He went to a doctor, then to a private clinic for x-rays, had a pot put on, then went back a month later for a check-up which involved follow-up x-rays. It cost just over 1000€ altogether. He had to pay upfront on each visit because for some reason the doctor referred him to a private clinic that was not tiers payant. He claimed it back via his EHIC, we did all the paperwork at the local CPAM office and the full refund for the whole amount was paid into my bank account within about a fortnight.

I can't remember the exact breakdown of the costs but from memory the 1000 included about 6 x-rays, a doctor's appointment and two consultations with the specialist.

If he had gone to a state hospital rather than a private clinic he would probably not have had to pay upfront, hospitals don't usually give you bills on the spot. I think probably the bill would have been sent to his UK address and he would have had to claim it back in the UK, but I'm not too sure how that would have worked to be honest. 

However, in his case claiming it direct from CPAM meant he got a full refund, quite quickly, but CPAM will only pay into a French bank account.

Make sure you keep all the feuilles de soin that they give you (brown forms).

Hope this give you a rough idea of what to expect.