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Thyroid surgeon

Posted by trae1107 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by mrbluesky-229427 - 6 years ago

Problem is that whoever you ask will have had the one single experience of thyroid surgery. If it went normally the surgeon was great. If there were complications, the surgeon was rubbish. I'd prefer a surgeon who does 100 thyroid ops a year with an average complication rate, rather than someone who does 2 a year and, so far, has a perfect record. However, if 10 people all recommend /warn of the same name you might be onto something.
So I agree, it's an avenue and I hope you get sorted.

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Posted by trae1107 - 6 years ago

Obviously - and I've also asked a doctor friend - but I am also interested to hear from anyone who has had the procedure done and can therefore recommend a surgeon or equally, has had a bad experience and can warn me against somebody. It only seems sensible to investigate all avenues, don't you think?

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Posted by mrbluesky-229427 - 6 years ago

Delightful, knowledgeable and entertaining though members of Angloinfo are, might not whoever diagnosed your thyroid problem be better placed to give you a recommendation?

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Posted by Admin-179828 - 6 years ago

If you can help, you must remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of medical personnel must not be posted publicly to the Forum
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