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adding our rental property to search engines

Posted by StephanieC-185633 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by mike-179830 - 17 years ago

StephanieC - meta tags are fundamentally pointless these days, when it comes to getting good search-engine ranking. Some search engines show the "description" tag when displaying search results, but they don't typically index/analyse it when doing their search ranking. Anyone who tells you otherwise (especially if they want to sell you software or services to "optimise" your meta tags) is just peddling snake-oil. Why? Think about it - if it was as simple as fiddling with meta tags, the search results would lead with the sites that have the best tags and not the most appropriate content, making the search engines effectively useless as search engines.

If you want a good search engine position, the one essential thing you need to have is:

The content for which people are actually searching, on the page

This sounds obvious, but often isn't. Lets take a very simple (oversimplified) example. Say people search for "riviera holiday villa" - unless all three words appear on your page, you haven't a prayer. Now another person searches for "riviera vacation villa". Hmm, you need to get the words "holiday" and "vacation" on the page somehow... And so on...

Other factors that are important are:

Meaningful page titles - some search engines rank the text between the <title> tags more highly than body textGood HTML structure - some search engines rank (for example) text in <h1> tags more highly than a straightforward <p>. Others give greater priority to text nearer the top of a pageUse text when you need text, not graphics. Search engines cannot "read" images (although alt=" text helps some) that "contain" textDon't make your site's links rely on client-side scripting. Search engines, in essence, have JavaScript turned off...Get other people to link to your site. With Google in particular (see Doug's posting), the "popularity" of a site affects its ranking, as does the popularity of the sites that link to it

It gets more complicated, not least because the engines are always tweaking their algorithms to weed out people who are manipulating the system (even when, as with the infamous talentless hack case, it was funny...)



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Posted by Doug-181340 - 17 years ago

Check out how google works at this link here:



AngloINFO is a well respected site and regularly comes up top in Google searches. So, if you advertise here and choose your words carefully, you'll 'piggy back' off AI's success and should appear high up in Google search results.


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Posted by Σnigma-183808 - 17 years ago

Hi Stephanie,

First, you might want to check your meta tags, and make sure they are good. Then its no good having good meta tags if you do not tell anyone to look for your site, so submitting it to the search engines is also a good idea. This takes time, about 3 to 6 weeks, from submission unless you are prepeared to pay big money, so patience is key. The best place to start is right HERE!!

This submits to all the major search engines, free, with one of them being Google, which is without a doubt the most popular.

Good luck