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antique office desks - where to find?

Posted by vcheng - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by No.6 - 15 years ago

P.S.  After clicking on the La Redoute link above, you may need to click on the 'Maison' tab and then on the first item in the list on the left entitled 'Bureaux' - and there, you should find 6 pages of desk-related furniture, including a number of "antique"-looking desks on the first 2 or 3 pages, sporting 25% discounts, even.  Isn't life wonderful?

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Posted by No.6 - 15 years ago

I wasted vast amounts of time, energy and gasoline on trying to find a modern, oriental-style wooden bed to my liking in this region: I found the choice to be very poor - many of the furniture outlets in this region are way out of date and/or they cater for either the cheap & nasty low end or the ridiculously expensive high-end, with nothing inbetween! (Troc de l'Ile I find utterly depressing and certainly not cheap considering the state of most of their stuff [what on earth makes the French believe they can recoup 75% of the original cost for their 2nd/3rd/4th-hand piece of usually badly damaged piece of rubbish?!]). 

And then I found out (too late!) that what I was really looking for was right there in the catalogues and I needn't have budged an inch from the comfort of my own armchair!! 

Try La Redoute, 3 Suisses, etc. for example there are some classic style desks at La Redoute that I'm sure you will (a) not find elsewhere and (b) not find cheaper elsewhere - see here: http://www.laredoute.fr/redoutefr/sBoutique/1,1170,,00.html

Well, that's just my opinion, anyway.


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Posted by Theswan-186225 - 15 years ago

Try going along to Vide greniers, you will find lists of them on this site. Also you MUST have seen the Troc de l`ille stores around. They are brilliant.

They are now online - www.troc.com