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Arrosage costs

Posted by happymummy-305716 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by garoolgan-207343 - 5 years ago

As Als suggested contact the water company and ask them for a quote to install a second water meter for the garden. Water from this outside tap is calculated at a cheaper rate.

You may have to also have a plumber install taps in the garden.

Check the installation price/s and rate before making your decision.


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Posted by happymummy-305716 - 5 years ago

Sorry didn't explain clearly. Each sprinkler is on for 10 mns each, there are 8 on total. When one finishes the next comes on.

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Posted by electechmech-277867 - 5 years ago

i understand you choose 10mns but you need 80 mns.TELL THE OWNERS YOU WILL DO 80 MNS IF THEY PAY THE BILL!!

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Posted by Grumpy-226054 - 5 years ago

Hello happymummy:
Sorry to hear about your water bills. But I don't quite understand when you say that you turn it on for 10 minutes each evening but that it takes 80 minutes to do the whole terrain.

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Posted by Als-213435 - 5 years ago

I'm far from being an expert but as far I understand if your are "Tout à l'égoût" i.e. all used waters are sent to the sewers then about 1/2 of the cost of you bill is for treatment of the used waters. Now if you are on a septic tank the water will cost you much less. It is possible to have different counters/plumbing setups one for the house connected to to the sewers and one for the garden. If you have this system the water for arrosage wil cost you about 1/2 less.