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Before you order from Castorama online

Posted by Carolina1 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by Carolina1 - 15 years ago

Thanks for your replies.

I did not go into shop it was all purchased online, as the shop didn't have the same models on offer as their internet site.

I will pass this to a lawyer, on principal. 

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 15 years ago

Some years ago my housemate ordered some stuff from Conforama (I know this is about Castorama but the same principles apply)  He was out when it came (as the delivery took place 4 hours later than they'd promised) so I signed for it. 

On examination it turned that a few bits were missing from some of the packages,  nothing important,  just the odd bit of wood from flat pack furniture, one chair out of a set of 6, and so on.  When he queried this,  he was told by the 'customer service' person that 'perhaps your friend has stolen the pieces'. (I always wanted a piece of chipboard with 12 holes in it!).  When we went back accompanied by a French friend who happened to be a magistrate,  the stuff mysteriously appeared from the back of the delivery lorry where it had been 'forgotten'.


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Posted by Paul_A-184148 - 15 years ago

Thanks for the tip AIR.  I guess you're talking about the Antibes store?  By the way, for paint, try Albertini on the Cagnes penetrante.  They're expensive, but the quality of paint is excellent, and they'll mix any colour you want. 

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Posted by AvidIrishReader-194656 - 15 years ago

I spent much of June in Castorama and found the staff very helpful, perhaps with the exception of the guy on the glass-cutting stand.

The thing about such stores is that although the offer delivery, it's best to go there and buy from them, taking the merchandise away. They're not really geared for this type of business, and as anyone who frequents the store will know, it's mainly used by professionals and amateur decorators.

With the exception of paint, the prices in Castorama were excellent.


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Posted by Paul_A-184148 - 15 years ago

I had a similar situation to you, Carolina!  Never buying from them again.  What they sent me didn't work, so I called the internet SAV, who told me to call the local store.  I called the local store, who said internet sales has nothing to do with them.  So I called back the internet SAV, who begrudgingly put the wheels in motion.  That was 1 month ago, since then I have heard nothing.  I was met with the same attitude as you.  To cap it all, they sent me an email asking what I thought of their service.  I wrote a long response giving them all the details of what happened on their online form.  Then, when I clicked the Save button, the connection died.