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Burglars/Voleurs - Montauroux area!

Posted by volvoman-315998 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Earthling-217786 - 5 years ago

or professionals from Marseilles, wherever?


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Posted by Cathouse-290059 - 5 years ago

Hi Volvoman,

I'm so sorry to hear your bad news, there are areas of Montauroux that are more vulnerable than others...Chateau Tournon suffers from burglaries quite often, as do houses that are placed close to the road for a quick 'getaway'. Those of who live up a long driveway, discouraging a quick 'getaway' are less likely to be subject to theft but there are no guarantees.

Do the gendarmes mention who is likely responsible for these burglaries, are they locally based kids at work, or professionals from Marseilles, wherever?

Our neighbours were burgled while at home with their dog in situ so it's a worry for us all. I've finally sent all valuables into store but what a way to live.

Does French house insurance cover you if you're at home, in the garden or pool and the doors/windows not locked of course? If your house is watched the theives sometimes leave messages for each other, often on your house nameplate or name board, for example, so sand off any paint marks or crosses on anything that identifies your house from the road. I was told this by a gendarme.

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Posted by garsar-215067 - 5 years ago

A few years ago in Callian we were burglarized also while we were at home. It is very common, burglary seems to be a job in the Canton de Fayence. Our burglar, a 22 Morroccan was eventually caught while robbing another house and sent to jail. I'm sure he's out by now and may have been your burglar. He was after computers and cameras and things easy to sell. You have to keep doors locked at all times. If you're in the pool, be sure the house is locked, if you're on one side of the house, lock the other side. A dog is not enough unfortunately. Also if you have a dog and they are caught they may accuse your dog of having bitten them, that was a ploy used by our buglar. Our car has been broken into - there was nothing inside. A friend's car door was opened in hopes of snatching her purse. Burglary seems to be tolerated. At least guns do not seem to be used although a local builder in our area was held up in his house with guns and everyone tied up so they could open his safe. Several local shops have been broken into several times. Our insurance was very nice about it all. The gendarmes told us that several other people had been robbed that same night. I suggest taking photos of your jewelry and taking down the serial numbers of all your equipment - we had that but I was told they were probably shipped immediately to Africa where there is some market for these things - they dump the hard drive and sell the computer.Am I planning to move? No! but I do lock my doors more.

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Posted by volvoman-315998 - 5 years ago

Once again Dido, we have to agree with you. Obviously a person who has experienced the same as we are now. Thanks.

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Posted by dido-203783 - 5 years ago

Lots - you are making huge assumptions about the terms other people's insurance policies (in fact, as mine is from a UK-based company we do not have the same security requirements as some of the French ones).

The main thing to stress is that the majority of burglaries these days (whether here or anywhere else) rely on you being "distracted" while at the property so that the criminals don't have to deal with alarm systems, security shutters, grills and the like (all of which we have and deploy when we are not here). You can spend as much as you like on all the physical deterrants, but if the human element is not vigilant then they will find a way in.

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Posted by Lots-322716 - 5 years ago

volvoman, I hate to be the bearer of even more bad news, but you realise your insurance company won't pay up if the house was unoccupied and there was neither closed shutters or bars on the window in question?

Incidentally, for those of you in rented accommodation, your landlord is obliged to put either shutters or bars on all windows (and doors with glass in them).

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Posted by volvoman-315998 - 5 years ago

Thanks Dido..we agree 100% with everything you have said.

We think someone had been watching us too..... certainly unsettling and could take some time to get over.

Kind regards....

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Posted by dido-203783 - 5 years ago

You have my complete sympathy - we were burgled 5 years ago while I was in the kitchen and the offenders (polite word to avoid being deleted) broke into our garage and took a ladder, forced a window into my bedroom and stole all my valuables (and those of a friend who was staying with me). We realised we had been under surveillance for 2/3 days before (with the benefit of hindsight).

Although people now think I am completely paranoid I do not leave the house without locking it up behind me - even just to water the garden, sit by the pool or take the rubbish bags down the drive. We have visible locks on all the windows to ensure that any casual looker realises it is not worth the extra effort to try to get in. We have friends who were burgled while they were relaxing by the pool (and they live on a "secure" domaine with guards!). Quite often it the hassle factor of getting things replaced rather than the intrinsic value that makes things more difficult.

Please everyone - just have your wits about you - this area is like a honey pot for all the criminal bees aout there.

We have got over it - no-one was hurt - but knowing that someone had taken advantage of you does affect you. BE VIGILANT!