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Burn marks on a dining table

Posted by Mairead Mc-264769 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by les lucioles - 6 years ago

If they are white rings, and not black burn marks, try this: don't laugh, it really works: mix a little ash (cigarette is the best as it's finer, but wood fire ash will do as well) with a little mayonnaise to form a paste. Rub in in the damaged areas with a cloth using small circular movements. I have used this on an old oak table, and it worked a treat. There's a lady in the states who is known as 'the queen of clean'. I can't remember her real name, but you'll find her if you google her. She has written many books with all these kinds of simple (but maybe weird) household tricks. She might have something for black burn marks as well. Good luck.

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Posted by Nazli-320027 - 6 years ago

Hi You can check this link in YouTube . I'll hope help you.Check out this video on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRWvsaIXyEQ&feature=youtube_gdata_playerNazli

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Posted by Josephine Mackenzie - 6 years ago

I bought a product at Carrefour called "Renouvateur du Bois" which cost abour 12€ which is nothing short of miraculous. It removed waterstains & scratches on a teak wardrobe & chest of drawers, & I also use it for my old-fashioned parquet floors. I don't know if it would work on burns, but it's worth a try.Only the big Carrefour in the Centre Commercial in Nice stocks it.

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Posted by kiwitrace - 6 years ago

Hi There,

My Mum used to use 2 methods. First she would use a steam iron on a medium heat and put a tea towel over the mark and iron over the towel 2 or 3 times (has to be a steam iron).
If this didn't work she would then rub in ash and ? maybe oil onto the affected area then rub off.
If either of these solutions don't work, then no harm done anyway.
Hope these help.



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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 6 years ago

Not much option than stripping, sanding down and re-finishing I'm afraid. It's worth it if it is a fine piece - you'll find that sort of work on an average sized dining table will cost in the region of €400 or upwards depending upon finish.
I just had a direct experience of working with a so-called "artisan ebeniste" locally - a real con-artist who actually refunded our payment when I confronted him with proof of his lousy work. Now we have given the work to a local woman "restaurateur" who has ten timesthe soul for fine wood than the ebeniste had and seems to be working much more seriously - come back to me in a week's time and I'll tell you if I can recommend her work.