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Can't turn down hot water!!!!

Posted by inca-199525 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by GAnthony - 4 years ago

Inca, I forgot to say.....if you are in any doubt about the electrics, temperature adustments or timer, you should engage a qualified electrician to sort it for you.   Unless you are trained in handling electrical systems it may be unsafe to try to fix this problem by yourself. 

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Posted by GAnthony - 4 years ago

The hot water tank will have its own thermostat.   There is no need to have scalding hot water for domestic use, in fact it can be dangerous.    Try checking the temperature with a thermometer.  If over 60 deg C, the thermostat needs adjusting.     Most thermostats, located under the tank, have a temperature setting knob or screw that can be adjusted (they often have a '+' and '-' sign and an arrow pointing which way to turn.     Settings between 55 to 60 degrees C should be OK.  By all means try to fit a timer so that the tank is only on during cheap-rate times as has beem suggested. P.S.  Fitting thermosatically controlled mixer taps on baths and showers is a good idea and can help to prevent scalding.    Hope this helps.   Good luck.


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Posted by wimbledon - 4 years ago

look into your fuse box, you might have their a timer already installed in there. The timer may look lke a fuse switch though it does look different. This one does automatically go on and off when the economy electricity is available. My switch is set to the middle and start at 11pm till about 5am. If you do have trouble finding it send me via email a pic of the switch board and I might can identify the one you are lookinf for. 

Good luck

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Posted by LovedaCote - 4 years ago

You answered your own question in your post - no timer.

Call an electrian and have him/her install a timer so that it only comes on during the cheaper rates.