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Posted by inca-199525 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by dido-203783 - 6 years ago

Just to add my experiences of carpet laying - not in this area, but on the other side of France. We got St Maclou to supply and fit bedroom carpets with underlay. They called the gripper strips "baguette" - and the problem we had was as they were laying on to concrete floors they had to drill holes to fix the screws and managed to go through a central heating pipe giving us a nice water feature in the downstairs hall. If you do chose this type of fitting and you have concrete floors (which I think are more common in France than the UK) make sure you know where your pipes are!

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Posted by ReWe - 6 years ago

St. Maclou have a fabulous service to fit carpets, you can also get the underlay there. They have many catalogues to choose your carpet from and you dont have long to wait for it to be delivered. We went for a rubber based underlay and it is very comfortable to walk on and seems to block out all draughts and echoes. They did not glue the underlay down to the floor, as once fitted it does'nt move, so no nasty mess when it comes time to replacing it. The only bug bear is to clear out the room (or rooms) that you are having carpeted, but they will help in moving large pieces of furniture. Goodluck and hope you enjoy the cosiness of a carpeted place rather than cold tiles! We certainly do.

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Posted by tatties - 6 years ago

Leroy Merlin, on Route de Digne, has a big selection of carpets also, and was the only place we could find a good quality wool mix. Although St Maclou also has a big selection of samples so maybe we missed something that could be ordered. They are the best place to get it all under one roof. You don't lay the foam backed carpets with underlay - they just glue them down. So look at the canvas type backed carpets if you want a quality finish. Other info you got re vocabulary is correct but just to add you will also need the tacking which you put round edges of room to hold it. In our Saint Maclou they call this 'smoot' which I thought didn't sound very french, and asked them if it was a german word. They pointed at packaging & it comes from the UK & is called 'Smooth Edges' which they had shortened to 'Smoot', funny how language evolves!

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Posted by nissalabella - 6 years ago

Yes they do, it will cost you a bit but it will be well done.

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Posted by inca-199525 - 6 years ago

Brilliant - thank you! I think Saint Maclou is best - but do they fit them for you? I have no idea how to fit a carpet - does anyone know of a carpet fitter or if the store does it?

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Posted by LouiseLL - 6 years ago

Fitted carpet is 'moquette', underlay is 'thibaude' and fitting is 'pose'. Unfortunately I don't know where you should go all that though! Maybe you can just go through the yellow pages and find shops near you?