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Chalet en bois - good idea for summer stay?

Posted by MamaB - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by MamaB - 6 years ago

Great point Oliver, thank you but I have to say that this 'chalet' will be like an independent studio as it will have a kitchen, fully fitted bathroomall the utilities a home needs, of course I couldn't manage any other way. For me this is a long term project not a quick shed to make some moneyfrom. In future if our elderly parents come to live with us they will have some privacy too, or perhaps my children will use it with their families. As yousay, they can be expensive so it needs to be done properly. I have also considered renting something small locally too, definatelyanother option to consider.

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Posted by Olivier06480 - 6 years ago

I think this is totally wrong. I wouldn't want to pay a good sum of money and have the owner on site, and furthermore in a chalet at the end of the garden, even far.a) I would feel that my liberty and privacy is non existentb) It gives an awful message: I pay good money, and for that reason you live in precarious conditions, in a wooden shed (That is what it is, nothing more)c) What you want to say is: The house is empty, that's why I rent it out. Not "I need the money, I am camping in my garden while you are staying in my home because you can afford it"d) As the owner, you WILL keep an intrusive eye on the propertye) You will be always pestered for this or that.f) Rentals are good money, I would suggest you simply rent a small flat in grasse. It is better, cheaper than a chalete) A "Chalet" (wooden shed) will be very expensive to "set up". Or you also keep access to the villa for wc, baths, cooking, etc ? Really, rent something and live your tenants alone.
It is totally different, of course, if you have an independent apartment/studio on your property.
Good luck

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Posted by house for rent-318030 - 6 years ago

You don't need planning permission but you need to do a 'déclaration de travaux' at the 'mairie'. By the way french law has allowed up to 40m2 without planning permission. Google in 'chalets en bois' and you will get lots of beautiful wooden chalets at all different prices. Good luck

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Posted by Ba&Ke - 6 years ago

One of our neighbours has two of them in her garden (one is about 20m2, the other is smaller). She rents them out regularly during the summer and sometimes even stays in the bigger one herself because she finds it relaxing and calm. I think they're absolutely wonderful and have actually had visiting friends stay there and they really enjoyed it. It's actually pretty much like being in a normal house. I don't know anything about the foundations but they've been there for about ten years. I don't think she had planning permission or anything. I would definitely recommend it as long as you get the right advice! Good luck.

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Posted by MamaB - 6 years ago

Thanks 'ouch that hurt', well no it's not a joke but probably I was a bit flippant with my description of the footings :)
I haven't been in a chalet in the summer but I know the garden shed in the UK can be an oven that's why I am looking for some feedback.Obviously the guy wants to sell his product but as he has been around for 32yrs I'm assuming he is good at what he does and knows hisstuff.
Thanks for the comments.

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Posted by ouch that hurt !-230853 - 6 years ago

This is a joke right ? no foundations, OK? it could have blocks in strategic places, but just built on a couple breeze blocks means the whole thing is going to sink/ move, whateverNot so bad for a shed, but if you are considering renting it, then it has to be water tight at the very least.So have you ever been in a wooden "chalet " in the summer? it needs proper insulation, & double skin.The cheap chalets are made out of green wood, shortly there are cracks where the wood dries /twists.I have no idea of the cost or quality of Abris dee Provence chalets. so cannot comment on their quality.But if you are going to rent out your chalet as habitable, then it will need to be declared as dwelling, & insured.I wish you luck, & hopefully you will glean more info from someone has done this !