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Cheaper fixed line and mobile telephone calls.

Posted by Si-180835 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 17 years ago

You might be interested in this which I received today from Les Minutes :


Cher client bonjour,id=t_nom> Au 15 avril 2003, de nouveaux tarifs dégriffés sont effectifs pour Les Minutes. Entre autre bonne nouvelle, le national passe à 0,029 €/mn, l’Europe proche et les Etats-Unis à
0,055 €/mn. Pour retrouver l’ensemble des 192 baisses de tarifs dans le détail, cliquez ici.  Et nous vous garantissons toujours les tarifs les plus bas, la preuve par l'exemple… Coût (€ TTC) d’un appel de 3 minutes en heures pleines en semaine Tele 2CegetelFrance
Telecom [...EMBEDDEDIMAGE...] Economies réalisées
avec Les Minutes
sur 1 an*National0,2130,2310,3240,107260 €Dom0,6180,7870,8750,450510 €Europe proche0,3420,3590,7430,168689 €Etats-Unis0,9680,3590,7480,168695 €Algérie0,9681,0991,4660,690931 €Russie (Moscou)0,9681,3671,4660,4501291 €Israël0,9681,0551,5390,3601415 €Japon0,9681,0551,5390,2701523 €Brésil (Rio, Sao Paulo)2,1352,2132,5040,4502 464 €* calculé sur 100 appels de 3 mn en heures pleines par mois sur 1 an
source Budget Telecom 14/04/2003  Cliquez ici pour
recharger votre compte
[...EMBEDDEDIMAGE...]  Nous en profitons pour vous signaler que le numéro du service client change.
Composez dorénavant le 0820 60 3111 (0,12 €/mn – en semaine 9h-12h 14h-18h)  Toute l'équipe des MinutesLes Minutes est un service de Budget Telecomlesminutes@lesminutes.com0820 60 3111 (0,12 €/mn – en semaine 9h-12h 14h-18h)

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Posted by revs - 17 years ago


Thanks for the post and the information. Does anyone know how the prices compare with 'one tel?'.



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Posted by dlmarlow - 17 years ago

Wow glorious news ( having just recieved my €600 plus FT bill (again) (those really-cute-non-gay-non-married boys are often so very far away)....anyway I was just on the online search for exactly this info.Thanks bunches folks!

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Posted by starlet-182841 - 17 years ago


Its really only only a few cents, but having used primus for more than a year I found Cegetal to be significantly cheaper and without the need for dialling prefixes.  If you're going to the trouble of using an additional telephone provider, why not use the cheapest?  Connection with Cegetal has been 100% so far, too

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 17 years ago

I've been using LesMinutes for a couple of years.  Absolutely no problems at all except that the calls are so cheap you talk for ages!

I  also use Primus who are excellent too.  It is a good idea to have two as sometimes on may not work,  also, although I've never bothered to compare, I know that one may be cheaper for certain destinations and not for others.

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Posted by Si-180835 - 17 years ago

Hi Wendy,The only problems I've found (Since October) is that sometimes you get an engaged tone, but this is the provider and not the receiver of the call who's occupied. Also if calling a mobile there is sometimes an echo for the mobile user (but this makes the caller shorter and saves even more money :-) )In my opinion the benefits far outway the negative aspects. Plus of course you can still use your FT line should you wish to, just by not dialing the prefix first.

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Posted by wendy-179831 - 17 years ago

Hi Si
A question for you: I heard that with this type of system you can often land up with a revolting, noisy or time-lapsed connection routed via a satellite the other side of Pluto. True or not?