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Electric advice

Posted by mum to 2 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Rivieraandenglish - 7 years ago

Hi Mum to 2,

Electrics in France can either be carried out by the homeowner or by a French registered electrican, (haha). All work carried out should follow the French NFC 15-100 code. If you are looking to rewire your home, we suggest that only get sign off with a consuel certificate if EDF have asked for it. This is however is not an issue to get, providing all work has been carried out correctly.

Sorry, that's the boring bit over and done with.

Can you explain what it is you are actually requiring? 6mm2 cable for a particular distance from the consumer unit (Fuse box) generally used to connect to an oven with a power rating of around 6kw. It would use a 32amp mcb (breaker or fuse to everyone else).

Look forward to you response.

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Posted by stuart06-195098 - 7 years ago

It looks as though you are requiring to upgrade you system to accept higher consumption appliances on your existing installation,possibly oven/induction cooker for example.

The poncage should read pontage.


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Posted by LouiseStrachan - 7 years ago

The French doesn't make sense, poncage is sanding or smoothing (unless 6mm sq copper section wire has been sanded down to fit into a 2,mm connector). it's something about big wires (6mm2, which are for showers and ovens) passing upstream to a smaller section (2,5mm 2 which is for sockets) and fusible bridges: fuses I guess;

What was the problem which lead to this gibberish?