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Electric bill with electric heat

Posted by cjscriven - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by GAnthony - 6 years ago

cjscriven, we have all-electric heating. Each room is fitted with a convector heater, except for the lounge where we have two radients. The difference is that each and every heater is fitted with a temperature/time programmer. This allows for each room to have it's own temperature profile. When rooms are not in use, they are set for a lower temperature. We were lucky to find a simple convector heater range by Sauter, which can incorporate a controller called 'Pass Program'. This controller lets you set the on and off times and the temperatures you need. These heaters actually have two thermostat controls (high and low), so one can set any high or low temperature depending on needs, and thus the heat profile of the room. Efficient and clean, we also take advantage of the cheap-rate electricity (heures cruses) which allows for two periods each day. During these periods we run our clothes washer, hot water tank and dish washer. All-in-all we are pleased to have such a silent, clean and maintenance-free system installed. It has not proven to be vastly expensive either. However, in an old house, with electric heating, it would be sensible to upgrade the insulation by whatever means you can. Good luck.

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Posted by cjscriven - 6 years ago

Yes, we've heard it is high. Do you mean 900 per month or 900 euros for the two months?

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Posted by job-212223 - 6 years ago

Depends how many rooms you heat up really. I have all electric heating and to be honest our edf bills are ridiculous, for the 2 months dec/jan its normally around 900 euros and we have a wood burner. Although we have a 2 bed apt joined on to our villa that is rented and the edf bill is for the apt and villa. So for us its double the washing machine use etc etc althought I only put the washing machine on after 2300. As for the heating I only use one heater in the lounge and normally only put on the bedroom heater an hour before I go to bed in the winter.

Its expensive!!!!!

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Posted by Ras-214972 - 6 years ago

varnull, I think you are mistaken with the cost of electricity. A unit of electricity costs around 0.12 euros, not 2 euros.
Regarding consumption - that depends on how much you use it of course.If you are in the countryside where it is colder than by the sea, and you have poor insulation/draughts etc, and you like lounging around indoors in pyjamas, then it will cost a lot. But don't worry about greenhouse gases at least because it's almost all sourced from nuclear.
There is not such a thing as efficient heating, when it comes to electricity. Watts in = watts out, all electric heating is 100% efficient. But radiant heating its generally better than air/convector heating for the comfort factor. Use a thermostat.

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Posted by Earthling-217786 - 6 years ago

The reply above quoted by varnull is totally incorrect.

For an accurate cost of electricity per kWh take a look under "options" on the EDF website on the link below:


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Posted by varnull - 6 years ago

Hi if you burn 1 kilowatt for 1hour it costs 2euros so you just have to look on the heaters to find out how many watts in total = by 24