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Electrical goods, UK to France

Posted by jjrking - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Doc-185747 - 17 years ago

Do what we did, sleep on a blow-up mattress, and buy everything new, it is all cheap nowadays. You should have seen us last year pushing a shopping trolley with a washing machine from Carrefour to the port! By the way we have a plastic eggtimer that goes in the water and changes colour as the eggs cook. It works at sea level and at 1500m in Meribel. If some entrepreneur were to buy a batch and set up a stall at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, they would return as millionaires (especially if they took some chickens up as well).




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Posted by orlane-185692 - 17 years ago

Hi Mike !

Thanks for the info.

My boyfriend and myself are planning to move from Ireland to Southern France. I was sure there was no point bringing our TV with us, but what about the video recorder ?

Thanks for your reply

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Posted by james.cook - 17 years ago

The voltage is not as stable - my sockets output 195 - 215 volts, so UK washing machines tend not to work because of the timer. Your TV might do SECAM, though I doubt it, but it will work with all satellite boxes. I bought a French VCR and put in line a SECAM to PAL converter, and so I get Fench TV on my English TV. They cost £90 from http://www.threedoubleyou.com/converters.htm . Everything else will work well though.

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Posted by claband - 17 years ago

I've taken a CD player and amp out from the UK and they work fine.

I have connected both up thru the TV which incedentally is a French Sony model connected to an English Sky box - the BBC supply free to view cards without charge upon request. Wired up with an appropriate dish by a competent Frnch TV engineer its a great way to get cheap multi-language TV.


Thanks by the way to other who gave much needed guidance for the TV/DVD SECAM problem which!

Kind regards

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Posted by jjrking - 17 years ago


Yep, you got it - very poor sense of humour!  And my sister is P. King, my mother Ba King and my brother Natt (aka Matt) King Cole.  And of course I have a long lost relative from China called  Wan.   And just for the record, my Dad's name is Harold Godfrey Rudolf Vivian Theodore Duffrin King.  All true, sadly! (poor old Sean, eh!) except for long lost Chinese cousin!

Oh dear,where will it all end . . .


Joanna King

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 17 years ago

Claband !

Advise you NOT to buy a combined TV/Tuner/DVD - if one part of any goes wrong , you've got to take the whole lot back !

Ubaldi Stores sell Philips ( and Sony ) , and have excellent after sales service. Darty is good as well ( British owned ) .

I can think of better ways to learn French than queuing in a line at the Carrefour Service and Spares dept ; !!



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Posted by mike-179830 - 17 years ago

claband: Clicking here takes you to the relevant bit of the Philips site (in French), where there's an "où acheter" button...



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Posted by danonimes-184717 - 17 years ago

jo, did your parents have a wicked sense of humour, or is your name one of those twists of marital fate? Only Jo King ;-)

claband - get a guitar


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Posted by claband - 17 years ago

I need to buy a TV for my appartment and have more or less set my heart on a Philips 21PT6807 which is a great Nicam etc TV, but it also includes a radio tuner and a DVD...so It can be price just used to play CD's as well at a price just above that of a good mini system, but less space. My problem is that I have no idea where to buy it in France!!

I've taken on board your advice regarding SECAm and really would like to receive French TV as I've paid the licence fee and it will help improve our limited liguistic skills.

I have so far avaoided the super markets as I have been advised that they can be a little "difficult" if things go wrong, although I have always found them extremely helpful and returning goods to shops is always a good way to learn French!

Appreciate your thoughts ,,many thanks in advance.

Kind regards

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Posted by danonimes-184717 - 17 years ago

jo 'n' sean, glad to see the pioneer spirit has not been dashed. BTW my Pioneer Spirit amplifier worked very well when I brought it over from the yUK.

Enjoy your reccy