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English shaped pillow cases

Posted by nataliesharp2001 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by AbbieR - 15 years ago


I was in Carrefour, Antibes this morning and I noticed that they sell 50 by 70 cm pillowcases. Fairly plain coours, including white.


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Posted by Dukeboy - 15 years ago

Hi Nathalie, wasn't trying to be a smarta..e, even if that's the impression I gave. But by the fact that you did put "English Shaped" then you assumed that every reader knows what "English shaped pillowcases" are.Sorry for my awkward response, no harm intended, just curious, that's all.

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Posted by nataliesharp2001 - 15 years ago

Thanks for all your suggestions.

Dukeboy, I am from England and the pillowcases are rectangular shaped. I have not visited every country in the world and and thefore do not want to assume eveything is the same as in England. That is why I put 'English shaped pillow cases'. If I would have know France is the only country to differ I would have written: 'standard or regular shaped pillow cases'.

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Posted by szozu - 15 years ago

Hey, I thought those were called American-shaped pillowcases! ;-)


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Posted by Dukeboy - 15 years ago

Thanks Nadia for the clarification, but I would think that rectangular pillow cases are fairly standard all over the world, and therefore find it strange the they are called English Pillow cases. Anyway, I guess I'm just being pedantic.I'm from Australia and we too have rectangular shaped pillow cases, but we don't call them Australian Shaped pillowcases.Just curious!Cheers,Earl

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Posted by Cassini-187302 - 15 years ago

Interestingly, the pillows are English shape and size in Italy. Supermarkets, Esse and all the small linen shops sell them in a variety of fillings and qualities. Some even have display stands out on the pavement. There are many attractive bedlinen shops in Ventimiglia, Vallecrosia and San Remo. Good luck with the choice!

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Posted by crtvak-194153 - 15 years ago

Have you tryed e-bay?


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Posted by NadiaG-192314 - 15 years ago

Reply to DukeBoy wondering why English pillow cases are different:

They are rectangular, whereas in France we use square pillows...and pillowcases.


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Posted by sheila bardon - 15 years ago

As do Carrefour, Gallerie Lafayette, Auchan & Casino, although the stock supply at the last two can be a bit erratic.sheila

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Posted by CaroW-190284 - 15 years ago

Geant Casino sell them.  I think they are 50 x 70 cms size.  I have English pillows and have always got mine there (cotton ones) no problem.