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Free.fr internet problem

Posted by mrslb - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by 785biot@gmail.com - 5 years ago

Just call 3244 and you will get all the support you won’t. FREE have the same service as SFR as France Telecom is required to support. Everybody have a story about France Telecom, SFR or FREE most of the stories are not true. With over 500 installations of FREE  I can say they have as good service compared to FT and SFR

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Posted by NicolaasM-275338 - 5 years ago

I had more or less the same problem, not the Wi-Fi connection as that worked fine, but the internet connection itself started to be intermittent. After numerous phone calls (with surcharge) I came to the conclusion that there was no hope................ I downloaded their cancellation form, to cancel the service, after I downloaded this form they all of a sudden came in action and called me. They changed something in their central computer system and thereafter my speed increased significantly. It stayed good for a while, but eventually I ran into the same problems again and decided to change for SFR. Upon installation of the SFR box I had the same problems, intermittent and slow, but SFR came in action right away, they sent a technician, who in turn filed a report to have France Telecom (owner of the telephone cables in the ground) and an SFR specialist to come out together. They found a problem in the cable system down the road, fixed it and since then my speed increased significantly, I can run TV via internet now too, and have had no problem since. With SFR I got super service, and the price is right too.