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Freeview television top boxes

Posted by Colin06R - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by Colin06R - 6 years ago

That's great. Thanks everyone. Didn't realize that there was a difference between Freeview and Freesat. Glad you told me that or I'd have ended up getting the wrong equipment.

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Posted by Methuselah-217505 - 6 years ago

In simple terms, the set-top boxes receive terrestrial broadcasts which have a limited range which is line of sight from a transmitter on high ground, whereas the others receive satellite broadcasts via a dish pointed at a satellite 'up in the sky'.

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Posted by Grumpy-226054 - 6 years ago

There's some confusion here.
The original query is about Freeview boxes. Yes, these work in France and I'm using one now to pick up French digital TV via a conventional rooftop aerial. But you won't get UK programmes unless you happen to live on high ground and on the French coast. Although these UK boxes do work, they are not ideal and you might as well buy a French one from Darty because they are about the same price.
UK Freesat boxes also work in France but you will need a dish pointed at the appropriate satellite. You will then get all the usual BBC and ITV programmes plus some more besides.

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Posted by shegsy241 - 6 years ago

We brought one over from the UK and we were told you needed Freesat not Freeview, I suppose for viewing via a dish.

Good luck

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Posted by Colin06R - 6 years ago

Hi, Thanks for that. We are still in the UK and planning on coming over in November. Sky costs a fortune now and we rarely use it to it's full advantage, so I'm thinking of getting a Freeview box and bringing that down with us when we come over. Colin

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Posted by CaptainAV - 6 years ago

Yes they do no problem - as long as you have a dish pointing to Astra 2.I can help of you need and also we have a brand new box for sale.