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Furnishing an apartment in Nice

Posted by dave whitworth - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by dave whitworth - 16 years ago

Thanks very much for your advice, will bring our own smoke alarms !  Dave Wdave w

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Posted by fidav - 16 years ago

If you are going to get stuff from Fly, go in and LOOK at the stuff first - check it is decent quality. Some of there stuff is great and is sturdy quality and will last, some of it is very wobbly and dodgey and not worth the reasonable price as it will need to be replaced within a year.

We looked through the catalogue and then went and sat on the furniture, lifted up the cushions, checked out the chair legs etc and then chose the sturdy stuff. It may look nice in the catalogue but very 'cheap' in the flesh!

Also, be prepared for a small wait - and don't believe any times they tell you - add a month!!

Sorry to be pessimistic, but that's our experience with Fly. However, we are very happy now that the good stuff we picked has finally arrived and we didn't pay the earth for it and it looks great in our flat!


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Posted by ablackburn - 16 years ago

We've just bought a 2 bedroom apartment in Vence.  Unlike your other contributors we shopped in the UK on the basis that we know the shops and can get better prices (especially in the sales).  Everything fitted (just) in to a Merc. Sprinter van which I drove down.  Cost about £650 all in (van hire, fuel, peage costs and ferry - Sea France were doing a special deal for vans).  Bear in mind that nearly everything comes flat packed when new so takes up little space.

The only things purchased in France were dvd, t.v. and washing machine.

Have fun!

André B.

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Posted by kfulwell - 16 years ago

Dave, we've just been in exactly the same position. We ordered a ton of stuff online from Ikea in France (www.ikea.fr) - you can fax through an order to them and they'll deliver it to you, saving you the trip to Toulon. Doesn't come cheap, but it's less hassle and if you're buying a fair bit, it's worth it - we bought a kitchen, tables, chairs, etc from them, and I think delivery was about 150 Euros. We've also bought a lot from Fly (www.fly.fr), which is similar to Ikea. They've been really efficient and friendly and we're pleased with what we've bought. We looked into bringing some stuff over with us, but the costs were just prohibitive, much easier just to buy over there! KateKate

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Posted by munchkin-191066 - 16 years ago

Although you have a greater choice of furniture in the UK and prices on certain things will be cheaper, by the time you've shipped it all over, it'll have cost you a fortune so I'd buy bulky items over here. If you're looking to furnish cheaply, then there is an Ikea in Toulon and shops such as conforama and Fly etc do all the basics. One thing that I've found really dear here is smoke alarms!! Bring some over from Tesco's with you.